Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Finish!

by Karen on October 13, 2010

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It feels so good to be getting some of these quilts that I started last year finished.  I had at least 7 projects in the works at the end of last year and I am whittling away at the list.

Baltimore Bliss – crib size 44 x 66  this one is needle turn applique and hand quilted like all of mine are.

EDITED: at 9:45 PM  I forgot to mention that this pattern (actually 12 blocks – I used 6 of them – is from Fat Cat Patterns, it is a BOM so go to the index on the left of that page to find it if you are interested.    The pattern was designed by Sindy Rodenmayer


The center feather wreaths:


The corners have a corner set of feathers:


This is the fabric for the backing:


The thread that I used matched the fabric so much that you can’t see the designs as well.  I normally like to use enough of a contrast thread so that the quilting shows more.  I have no plans for this quilt so far but will put it aside until I decide.  I still need to make a hanging sleeve for the Christmas quilt and then that will be done – labels for both of these I still need to make also.

Need to finish:

Bow Tie Quilt – border and maybe some applique on it.

Star Crazy BOM – 3 months of blocks to do and then put all together

Red & Green Traditional Applique – 6 more 16 1/2 inch blocks and the 32 x 32 center

Insanity Revisited – Dear Jane #2 – the border triangles and cornerstones

Pineapple Blocks – I have 7 –  6 inch blocks made, I am thinking of continuing to make these into a queen size – this is another scrap quilt if I make it I will need about 250 more blocks – we will see.

What was Little Brown Bird – now? I have two of these fancy applique blocks made, I decided I do not like this quit enough to make it but I do like 5 of the blocks in the book.  I am going to make those and maybe make each two times but change the flower layout so each looks different.  I have found a pattern that I like the center  and corner borders of but not the whole quilt.  I need to think of a new name for it and will continue on that one later next year.


Going In Circles will be on the frame for at least 4 to 8 months I imagine.

So in a way this is not much progress – I started out the year with at least 7 projects and now I have 7 again!! What is going on here :)  Oh well by the end of this year I should have 3 of these tops listed above finished or close to it and they will be folded and put in a zip bag until I can quilt them – that will be some progress.

No more will be started unless it is baby quilts with the intention of selling or gifts.

I must admit I have ordered some fabric – I know I said I wasn’t going to order anymore this year unless it was backing and backgrounds and I have stuck pretty much with that – but I needed to blend more red and greens in to the applique blocks so I have ordered some fat quarter Kona Cotton Bundles from Jackie of those color schemes.   What I don’t use in this quilt will just enlarge the stash for all the applique I do.  Plus I have the charm blocks ordered from Connecting Threads to see what their fabric line is like – charms can be made into simple patchworks.