Karen on October 17th, 2010

I totally forgot to post a photo of the Bow Tie Medallion after I finished the top – Chris from Dye Candy just left me a message on the partly finished top which reminded me – here it is:


I forgot to cut my final border out before I got busy cutting for all the blocks so I had to piece my border – opposing corners have several pieces of cream sewed together.  I’m thinking of maybe putting some applique in the those corners to cover up the piecing – but maybe after it is quilted it wouldn’t be noticeable – the border will be cross hatch most likely.

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Karen on October 17th, 2010

Why do people think that people living in the country want their unwanted pets?  Last week around 8 PM on Saturday evening we heard a cat meowing loudly out the window, after hearing it for awhile I looked outside and there was cute cat sitting on top of the heatpump looking in the window of the sewing room.  We have almost always had cats, but always outside cats (after the first one that is) – I do not want them in the house for various reasons.  About 4 years ago the last of the cats died.  We live right next to a highway that has gotten busier over the years, we also live in a forested area.  Between traffic hitting cats that are trying to cross the road exploring and exploring the woods our cats would disappear.  We do not get attached to them often – I suppose because we know they might not be with us long.  We mainly had them to keep the mice population down because as you know if you live in the country there are always field mice around – we have rarely ever had mice in the house, but it does happen now and then – but rarely if we have cats around.

To get back to a week ago and that cat!  I went outside to yell at it to go away as it wasn’t ours and would you believe the darn cat crawled up my leg just about jumping into my arms – not a wild cat by far – more like someone’s house cat – so friendly.  I put it back down and hoped it would be gone in the morning – we had decided to not have any more pets what with traveling and all.

Well next morning imagine our surprise we saw two kittens with her – all up on the front porch waiting for us.  They were starving – the mama very skinny and not feeding her kittens which barely looked six weeks old.  We fed them – what else to do – see them starve.  I fed them bread soaked in milk all three of them ate it.  Then the next day when they were still here got a bag of cat food.  Now of course they won’t leave – but they were so pitiful.

Why do people drop their unwanted pets in the country – do they really think the animals will just automatically find food in the country or be wanted.  I don’t know how long these will last with the highway so close by but I am not taking them in the house – both son-in-laws are very allergic to cats.  I don’t like the way a house smells from the litter box, and they always tend to scratch furniture – no they can be outside but not in the house.  I do not know if we will keep them or bring them to the animal shelter – they will most likely just put them to sleep there – they most likely will stay here – until they disappear like usual.

Mama Cat – no I am not going to name them!


Little long haired gray/white kitten:


Little black as night kitten with mama:


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