Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marshall Dry Goods Inc. – what a find!!

by Karen on October 24, 2010

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Recently I have discussed Marshall Dry Goods Store with some other Arkansas quilters that I e mail.  I had heard of the store and ordered once from them but had never visited it.  It is a warehouse that sells both retail and wholesale.  Where all the fabric comes from I do not know.  They have anything from quilters cotton to upholstery fabric.  The main big deal to me and other quilters is the prices – to die for :)  You might want to check out their web page and see what they have – they ship everywhere I believe.  The prices listed on their internet store is per yard not half yard like a lot of places do.

Yesterday being a nice fall day (although a little warm) Mike and I decided to take a day trip looking at fall colors and just have a nice day out – I suggested that we do this by driving to Batesville, Arkansas so I could check out this store  – I had told Mike about this store and he being the sweetie that he is agreed it would be a nice day drive and if I saved money on fabric that was ok with him.  Batesville is about 2 and 1/2 hours northeast of us.  Today I will share the fabric with you that I bought (well photos that is – I’m keeping the fabric!).

For a grand total of $32.41 (this includes $2.58 in tax) I bought 18 yards of fabric!!  All was quilt shop quality fabric – believe me – I checked it out – this is an outlet type of store – beware of imperfections in the fabric.  If you do not want to watch while you cut to toss out little bits here and there this is not for you.  If you want large strips for borders you might not find what you need – it all depends on what you get. They do have an internet shop also and like I say I purchased once and what I got did not have any imperfections in it – I do not know if what is for the internet store is separate from what they sell in the warehouse.


The store (warehouse) is not much to look at – it isn’t pretty:


What you see when you walk in the door.  This fabric looks a lot like Moda Marbles but it is called Quilters Blenders and sells for $2.99 a yard – the 108 inch fabric of the same sells for $5.99 a yard.  I touched and felt it ect and it felt the same to me and I love Moda Marbles.


Another view – these of calico prints


Batiks and Tie Dyes – $3.99 a yard


They were quite busy!


What did I get – the top fabric is a blue/aqua batik I asked for 3 yards and she cut off 3 yards and 9 inches – I don’t know why she cut off extra but she was generous in all of her cuts.  There are a couple marks here and there so when I use it I will have to watch out for them.  I washed all of the fabric this morning.  It all came out nice and didn’t feel too stiff and did not shrink. I did not know the spots where on this batik – it was on a bolt and I didn’t see it and the lady cutting the fabric didn’t either or I have a feeling she would have knocked the price lower.


The type of marks – about 4 or 5 places has this, they are not large.


The tie dye I bought had no marks in it at all – I bought one yard and it measures 1 yard plus 5 inches.


I bought 3 pieces of white on white.  These were folded flat on a table .  Two pieces were in the area for $1.99 a yard – one piece was 5 yards and one was 6 yards.  Both had a couple spots on them that I had not noticed with the way they were folded – but when checked out the lady unfolded them looking at them – she found a couple spots so said she would sell them to me for a $1 a yard instead – I said ok – they weren’t big.  The other piece of white was the same print as the one with 5 yards – it was on the $1 a yard sale table – it had a few more spots on it and there was 3 yards in that one. (I don’t know if the lady was looking for spots or if people try to sneak things out of the store by tucking them in with these flat folds – she checked all of the flat folds)

This one I have a total of 8 yards for $8.


This is the kind of marks that were on it – you can barely see it in this photo but close to the salvage line there some dark gray marks – it almost looks like it is from tape.  When cutting off the salvage I might have to cut two inches off in places.


This is the other white – 5 yards total.


Two places has this kind of mark that didn’t come out in the wash.


For the amount of money I spent – 18 yards of fabric minus a few inches here and there where the marks are is a pretty good buy in my book. 

I’ll show you the fall photos from our drive tomorrow!