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I have been so busy with yard work the last couple days that I have not done a lot of sewing.  I managed to finish one Dear Jane triangle for the “Insanity Revisited” quilt the other day.  This makes 11 finished for the top border:


I am getting two more triangles ready to take with me tomorrow morning for quilt group.  One is super easy and will barely take 45 minutes I bet (if I’m not talking too much Smile ) and the other is a little harder but not a lot.  If I get done with both of those tomorrow that will leave 3 borders left to make triangles for 13 in each – 39 left to make.

The other day Mike went to the store to get 7 bags of mulch and brought home 15 instead.  Some of the bags at the Lowe’s were split apart and they told him he could have those for half price if he wanted – we did – and he brought home a truck load.  I have been lugging around bags of mulch and getting a couple flower beds ready for fall while he was working on other things.

Other than working on mulch and reading – John Sandford’s latest Virgil Flower’s book “Bad Blood” and one of Robert Parkers old Sunny Randall books I have not been doing a lot of quilting.

I have just about gotten a vest done for my daughter (I think I mentioned I am not a seamstress!   What probably would have taken someone who makes clothes a couple hours or less to make has lasted me close to two weeks!!  I have a couple buttons to put on it on a belt like thing on the back and a button on the front top I will be done.  I’ll take a photo when it is complete.

Winter cold spell arriving tonight!  We are to get down to 32 degrees tonight and maybe close to that again tomorrow night.  I have the ferns in the workshop and the last pot of petunia’s – if they get too cold it won’t be a big loss but at times if fall cooperates with me I have them until the end of November and sometimes in December.  We will see how they look in the morning!

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  • Oh I need to get back to my DJ blocks! I’m not near doing the triangles yet. I love your reds! Happy stitchin’!
    Sandie ~call me crazy recently posted…Thimbleberries Sew DayMy Profile

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Oct 28, 2010

    Karen, you have really good taste in books!! I totally love John Sandford and I have Bad Blood in my car’s MP3 player now. I’ve warned Gene to not mess with the player as it’s a 15 hour book and I don’t want to look for my place. It takes me an hour to get to town, so I get in some good listening time. I’ve read or listened to all the ‘Prey’ books. I listen to them while I quilt, cook or clean and always have one in the car.

    It’s supposed to be 24 degrees here in the mountains tonight. I got in the plants I want to save and the rest of the annuals will be history tomorrow. I take in fewer each year.

    Have fun at your quilt group tomorrow and hope you finish the hand work you take.

  • Marlene Oct 28, 2010

    Hi Karen, I really need to get some mulching done too but just haven’t had the time. Haven’t gotten much sewing done either because I’ve done my spring cleaning in the fall. 🙂 But the house is all clean and closets organized (I’m totally amazed!) so I should be able to spend some time in the sewing room. I have company coming for the weekend and quilt guild at my house next week but then it’s going to be much quieter – at least I’m praying for that! blessings, marlene
    Marlene recently posted…Autumn Leaves Table RunnerMy Profile

  • Helen Oct 29, 2010

    Hi Karen,

    Nanci is doing well! I spoke with her yesterday afternoon for about 30 minutes. She is free of IV and tubes etc. and has been walking in the halls. Hopefully she will be discharged on Saturday. SIx weeks of physiotherapy at home will have her up and running and in good form. Hopefully the next update will be from Nanci herself.
    Bye for now –

  • Crispy Oct 29, 2010

    Awww I see Helen sent you an update on Nanci. Good to hear all is going well. I love your latest block and before you know it you will have those other 39 done :0)


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