Dear Jane and a Pretty Fall Day

Dear Jane - "Insanity Revisited", quilts

On Saturday on our drive over to Batesville to see Marshall Dry Goods Store – (see yesterdays post) we saw some pretty fall color.  Not as beautiful as it can be – we have had a lot of dry weather over in that part of the state.


The above photo I took at a little rest area that we spotted along the way.


This photo is taken in the town of Mountain View.  After we left Batesville we took a round about way home stopping here in Mountain View.  A nice little town – almost always has some music going on.  There are groups of people who just gather to play their guitars and fiddles.


A variety of people gather to listen.


There was a small quilt shop here in the old downtown, I wandered in but I didn’t really see all that much – it was a small store and I had just bought fabric and wasn’t looking for more.


There were cute displays of fall and Halloween around the town.  I hope our fall colors will improve over the next week or two and I will post more then.

Here is another easy triangle that I made last night:


Now if they could all be as easy as this one was! I think it took all of 45 minutes to hand piece.  I have the next pattern ready to go and I think it has about 30 pieces in it.  I am part way done with my Star Crazy October blocks.  I messed up somewhere in the cutting of the Irish Chain blocks and they are not coming together right – today I need to look things over and re-measure pieces.  Something is wrong somewhere!!  I might have to totally cut these blocks out over again and start fresh – sometimes it is not worth it to rip – we are talking 1 1/2 inch pieces!!  I have plenty of scraps to re-do this mess.

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  • Crispy Oct 25, 2010

    ACK, nothing worse than something wrong in the measurements. I hope it wasn’t because of the directions.


  • Susan Oct 25, 2010

    What a delightful day you had……….. Great bargain on the fabric too. Now that you have been out and about you are recharged and ready to stitch………….

  • SherryR Oct 30, 2010

    I was in Mt. View the 21st-23rd! My mother found out about it by watching Johnny Carson a loooong time ago. Jimmy Driftwood was on the show talking about MV and the surrounding area and music. That was 43 years ago. I’ve missed going just a few years.

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