Sunday, December 12, 2010

Well I told you all about two weeks ago that my 8 year old granddaughter called me up to ask for scraps as she wanted to make a doll quilt.  I quickly got supplies ready for her and picked out a box to put it all in and sent it off.  I got pictures last night from my daughter’s cell phone of what they are doing Smile It has been snowing like crazy up in Wisconsin so last night they were making a quilt.  It sure would be nice to be up there visiting and seeing this quilting going on in person but these pictures are the next best thing (and I don’t have to put up with the snow – the cold weather and wind we are getting today is enough for me and tomorrow will be even colder from what we hear)

Ciera deciding on a design.


Two pieces pinned together and some quarter inch tape to mark the seam:


Figuring out how to stitch – mommy (my daughter Jessica) remembers how to do this and is teaching her (Jessica just doesn’t have the patience!).  Ciera has also gotten plenty of lessons from my visits but we only see them about 2 times a year on average so the last lesson was some time back.


Look at this Grandma!  Two blocks stitched together – don’t you just love this smile Smile


Now big brother Utah has gotten lessons over time also and he has decided to help:


Don’t you just love seeing kids picking up fabric, needle and thread being creative!


(the postage size blocks were leftover from a project I started – I sent those blocks along for them to use)

I got another triangle done last night – only 2 yesterday – that leaves one to make today and the triangles will be finished!!  I will get busy putting that row of triangles for the final 4th border today and then get busy on the four corner pieces.





Jessica is the daughter that will eventually be getting this version of Dear Jane “Insanity Revisited” as my older daughter Melanie has the first Dear Jane “Insanity”.  The grandkids know this quilt is coming to their house eventually and are looking forward to “getting another quilt”.