Design wall Monday–and organized room

Dear Jane – “Insanity Revisited”, quilts, sewing room

On my design wall (floor in this case) for Monday is the Dear Jane quilt “Insanity Revisited” all four of the borders are sewed on now I need to decide on what color the scallops will be – the butter cream or the red.  Go on over to Judy’s page Patchwork Times to see what everyone else has going for Design Wall Monday.

The quilt as it is now:


With butter cream scallops and red binding.  The scallops will only be about 3 inches deep so it will be closer to the red area in the triangles than it looks:


With red scallops and cream binding:


Right now I am leaning towards the butter cream scallops and the red binding – any opinions?  I will wait a day or two before I cut the next strips on which the scallops will be cut after it is quilted.  I will mark the scallops with either chalk (on the red) or pencil on the cream.

Now on to the room.  I am placing finished quilts and tops to be quilted on the shelf underneath, below the shelf are project boxes.  In the far corner I have a little easel that holds a 12 inch sandpaper board with felt to hold blocks to look at before sewing and while sewing to make sure arrangement is right. The small ironing board and a 16 1/2 inch ruler slide in next to the wall.


Above the table by the thread cabinet, I rearranged and put some of the red and green fabrics that I am using in the applique project in the yellow canvas box – there was room for some of the books up there (I do have a book end holding one end in for when I take the box down)


Above the quilting frame – fabric off of the bolts and folded.  Blue canvas box has 2 kits that need to be made, the pink has salvage edges, the dark blue has patterns.  Room on the top shelf  for a little more books if I want.  I have a lot of books out from under the frame but still have some down there.  All the photos are now on the wall:


The corner that is cut out of the above picture – the bowls have things like binding clips, t-pins and the top one has an assortment of thimbles.


Under the quilting frame – yes still a lot of stuff but believe it or not it is organized Smile the small red bag way in the corner area is the Featherweight bag, my smaller quilt hoop, the big red bag is full of scrap batting, the light box on edge next to it, the book shelf still with too much stuff, but no where else to put it for now, the flowered bag has the Janome, the green tote has yarn and a partially made afghan.


Nothing changed on this wall for now.  I might take the florescent light down that is under that shelf.  I have an Ott light clamped on that one cabinet and I can turn it to face the sewing machine if needed or hook it to the SewEzi table if needed. On the other table is another Ott light that folds down.  I will leave the florescent light for now until I know for sure if I need it or not.


Overall view – hard to get it all in.  The box on the floor has presents in it that I still need to wrap – I’m kind of poky on that!  I have been asked how did I make the Stain Glass Dragon wall hanging – you can see at this link.


I am getting caught up pretty good! Now I guess I better go make some Christmas cookies – continue to think about the scallop edge color and read a book.  Soon enough to get things messy again with the design wall out and getting the Star Crazy quilt put together.  In the meantime I will get back to quilting this big quilt again.

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  • Susan Dec 20, 2010

    Insanity Revisited is outstanding. Simply a gorgeous quilt.

    I know you are enjoying your redesigned sewing area. It looks like a wonderful place to sew…………..

  • Debbie in Alaska Dec 20, 2010

    Wow…what a gorgeous quilt! Cream scallops with a red binding sounds beautiful…such a pretty red. I love seeing how you have organized your space. Maybe’s it’s the impending New Year but I feel the need to reorganize and I am always curious to see how others have their spaces set up.

  • anina Dec 20, 2010

    Looking good!
    Yes, cream scallops and red binding.
    anina recently posted…A GlimpseMy Profile

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Dec 20, 2010

    Good job on your organization, Karen. Looks great!!! I think the butter cream with the red binding would be perfect. The red sashing might overwhelm the design……. but maybe not. Don’t you hate to have to make decisions like that??

  • Jackie Dec 20, 2010

    Wow on two accounts! Insanity revisited is gorgeous! I say cream scallops and red binding. And your room looks awesome!!
    Jackie recently posted…Naptime!My Profile

  • Yvette Dec 20, 2010

    OMG! It is so awesome!!!! I adore it!!! I know want a Dear Jane in 2 colors just like this one.
    Yvette recently posted…The Most Thoughtful Gifts!My Profile

  • Karen L Dec 20, 2010

    “WOW” on the Insanity quilt and “wonderful” on the room design/organization. Isn’t it nice to have a place for (practically) everything and everything in it’s place? Wish I could say the same for my room.

  • Michelle Dec 20, 2010

    It’s so cool to see “Insanity Revisited” all together. 🙂 I’m with you–I think butter cream for the scalloped border. How big are the blocks in that quilt? 4″?

    Hey, your sewing room is looking better and better.
    Michelle recently posted…Monday MiscellaneousMy Profile

  • lil red hen Dec 20, 2010

    It’s a great feeling to finish something isn’t it? And how nice to get a room organized, just in time to mess it up again! That’s how it is with a creative person.

  • Elzaan Dec 20, 2010

    Your sewing room looks fantastic! Wish I had one like that.
    My first idea is, go red scallops with cream binding, but that is just me being “adventurous”. I think it will show better to have cream scallops with red binding.
    Save some cookies for me, will you?!
    Elzaan recently posted…Kersfeeskoek en BorduurwerkMy Profile

  • Sherri I Dec 20, 2010

    I think you have it nailed with the butter cream and the red binding. Very pretty!

  • Vivian Dec 20, 2010

    Your quilt is so beautiful. Are you going to make a third one. Just kidding! lol

    I think you have the right idea–make cookies, think about the borders, and read a book.
    Vivian recently posted…Snowbound – StalledMy Profile

  • Diane Dec 20, 2010

    What a work of art! Must have taken you forever to make–but those are the most cherished, aren’t they. Great job!

  • LuAnn Dec 21, 2010

    Your quilt is just wonderful. I would do the butter cream scallops with the red binding. I have seen other Janes with those outside scallops over two triangles instead of every one, and I think I’ll do my scallops that way. Whatever you decide will be wonderful.

  • Hannele Dec 21, 2010

    Your quilt is absolutely wonderful, I can imagine the feeling you have now that you’ve got it so far! And your roon looks swell, athorough Chrstimas broom has been sweeping in there…
    Hannele recently posted…Blogipohjaa ja kiireitä – Blog background and fussMy Profile

  • Arlene Dec 21, 2010

    I vote for the cream and the red binding. Plus I am betting if you use red quilting thread on the cream that will be very pretty too.
    Hope you have a wonderful day. From the snowy north
    Arlene recently posted…New Project Sun Bonnet Sue- WeatherMy Profile

  • Your Dear Jane is absolutely amazing. I LOVE it in the red and white.
    Merry Christmas!
    Nedra- Cactus Needle recently posted…Diva Show and TellMy Profile

  • Patchmaker Dec 21, 2010

    Great job on the sewing room, Karen! I vote for red scallops and cream binding!

  • Oddbjørg Pedersen Dec 21, 2010

    Your quilt is lovely!!
    And what a great sewing room you have.
    All the best wishes for Christmas!
    Oddbjørg Pedersen recently posted…The bag My Profile

  • Karen Dec 21, 2010

    thank you, thank you everyone. I do believe I will be going with cream scallops and red binding. It will be a year down the road though before I get around to quilting it.

  • Denise Edwards Dec 21, 2010

    Hi Karen, Your DJ looks…WOW! I think I like the Cream with the red piping. The other way around is a bit overpowering. talkes away from all your beautiful piecing.

    Cheers from Sydney

  • Miriam Dec 22, 2010

    A huge congratulations on your Dear Jane quilt so far Karen!!
    It is spectacular!!!!
    Miriam recently posted…Just a chatMy Profile

  • Vicki W Dec 22, 2010

    Your Dear Jane is beautiful!! I don’t have a suggestion for the border. Whatever you do will be spectacular.

  • Becky in VA Dec 22, 2010

    Jane is done! Congratulations!! Like Vicki said, you’ll know what to do for the border.

    Your sewing room looks great.

  • Crispy Dec 22, 2010

    I vote for cream w/ red binding though I’m woefully behind in blog reading and you may have already decided LOL.

    Your re-organized room looks wonderful!!


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