Was Santa Good To You


Santa was good to me I had plenty of presents to unwrap.  I also got some good books – I opened one up on Christmas Eve and I’m done with it already! That is what happens when I take a break from sewing.

Love this author – Dennis Lehane.  This book picks up on Gone Baby Gone only 12 years later.  You do not have to read the first book to enjoy this one.  It has been awhile since I had read it and didn’t remember the whole thing and totally loved this book.


Got another book that I just started – I guess I am in reading mode again – it left me for awhile – this one has both cop – Harry in it and lawyer – Mickey in it – should be a good read.


I have been looking through my red and green applique book and I was running out of blocks that I liked – I found a different red and green applique book that I liked before Christmas and I am going to take the final 4 blocks out of it.  I need to enlarge the patterns slightly but love them – these have embroidery on them to, so mixing in with the other blocks well look great – this is the one I will start to get ready to work on this week.  Each of the 4 blocks are in the wreath style.


Mike got a new camera for me – my other one went and had a break on it several months ago – the little thing that holds the battery in broke off.  I managed to keep it working for awhile but more and more over the last several weeks I never knew if I would be able to keep it going.  He got me a small Lumix HD AVCHD Lite with a really good zoom lens on it.   Now I have to learn a new camera Smile

I have gotten a little quilting done on Going in Circles this past week but not a lot – I just love the colors of all of these circles.


Over the past several days I have also made two pineapple blocks for a total of 9 blocks finished – no idea how many I will make and if it will be couch size, queen size or what – we will see and I will keep working on them off and on during the upcoming year.

I had planned on getting to work on my Star Crazy quilt yesterday afternoon or today – but I am thinking that will be delayed until tomorrow.  We are talking of going to a movie this afternoon.  We do not like our local movie theater – it is filthy – sticky floors, bad smell, the people that own it made a lot of improvements about 10 years or so ago and then let it go badly once again instead of keeping up with it.  We heard there is a new place that opened in Conway about 45 minutes from us so thought we would check it out.  In recent years we drove to Little Rock when we wanted to see a movie and would spend the day – lunch, shopping, movie ect.  This place is closer so that will make it nice if we like the theater.

Oh I totally forgot to mention that I was the winner in another give away from Spun Sugar Quilts- my stack of fat quarters should arrive next week – I will show a photo then.  Around Thanksgiving I won a quilting book from Abbey Lane Quilts – the book is called Fab Five due to the holidays it got lost on a table in their office and arrived the day before Christmas.  I will take a photo of when I post about the other win when I get it.  I have been so lucky in give aways this year.  I have lost track of how many I have won but I do know I have won a lot of good stuff this year.  I guess I need to keep leaving comments on all these really good blogs that I keep finding!

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  • Becky in VA Dec 26, 2010

    You sure are lucky at winning give-a-ways!

    Happy sewing.

  • Karen L Dec 26, 2010

    Hey Karen, We have another coincidence happening here. The little door on my camera broke also. That made my camera work sometimes and not others. Since the camera was not very old, I found that by putting a piece of tape across the little door, it would function properly. Of course, I have to re-tape each time I recharge the battery. Cannot believe that you have won another giveaway!!!! My Mike used to say I was lucky but I think he had the wrong “Karen”. lol By the way, we had about 6″-8″ of snow starting at noon yesterday and going through the morning today. Definitely a white Christmas for us in NC. Even lost power for a number of hours. Still loving that Going in Circles quilt!!!

  • Caron Mosey Dec 26, 2010

    Your quilting is coming along on “Going in Circles” very nicely! Can’t wait to see it completed. Should be a very pretty quilt!

  • Michelle Dec 26, 2010

    Both of those authors are ones I enjoy too. 🙂 Sounds like you made out very nicely with Christmas!

    Always love seeing the Going in Circles quilt.

    Have fun at the movies!
    Michelle recently posted…Monday MiscellaneousMy Profile

  • Heather Dec 26, 2010

    Santa also brought me a camera via my niece. Its a Samsung. The door on my old one kept falling off and the kids thought that was too funny.

    Unfortunately Santa was kinda confused about what books I wanted as I have so many sitting waiting to be read, so he told me to buy them myself.of well.

    It was a terrific day with lots of family and friends. A great time was had by all.
    Heather recently posted…Merry Christmas From Books and QuiltsMy Profile

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Dec 26, 2010

    Woo Hoo, Lucky Lady!!! You have been lucky. I like the Strawberry Wreath block and 4 blocks with embroidery placed among the more ‘solid’ blocks of your red and green quilt will give a light and airy look… good choice.

    What is the name of the ‘red and green’ book the strawberry wreath is in? Going in Circles is looking really good!!

  • Eileen Keane Dec 26, 2010

    Hi Karen,
    I found your blog through the DJ list. Your quilt is gorgeous!!! What blogs do you read to win so much? Wow!!!

  • LuAnn Dec 26, 2010

    I love your Going in Circles quilt, and your Dear Jane is gorgeous. Happy New Year!!

  • Vivian Dec 26, 2010

    I do believe I need to follow you around in blog land and maybe your luck at winning will rub off on me. lol
    Vivian recently posted…A Quiet Christmas DayMy Profile

  • Crispy Dec 27, 2010

    Santa left me exactly what I asked for…..nothing LOL. What is the name of the other applique book you are using? I can’t believe how many wins you have had this year. I guess I have to start entering some :0)


  • Elzaan Dec 27, 2010

    Your Going in Circles quilt looks fabulous! Would like to see the complete quilt…
    What appliqué book are you using for this green and red block? It looks very interesting.
    Can you please rub some of your good luck onto me as well, please…
    Elzaan recently posted…Geseënde KersfeesMy Profile

  • Vivian Dec 27, 2010

    I really need to sit down and read. I love to read but when I do read, I usually don’t want to stop. lol
    Vivian recently posted…A Quiet Christmas DayMy Profile

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