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This step of the quilt top Star Crazy that I am working on is going to take a little bit of time and concentration – of which I do not have tonight!  Attention span that is.  I added the color strip around the whole top yesterday and started to play with the next step involving the hst’s.  I got one row selected and all turned properly and stacked up to sew today.  One thing led to another today and I didn’t get around to working on it until 5:30.  I got that one strip sewed together but not connected to the quilt – what it looks like now:


A close up:


That half square triangle border is just pinned in place for now. I think I will get all four of this border done before I attach in case I have to change a couple colors around in the corner areas.  I don’t want the same color/print to end up on the same corners.  After this – is a skinny white border, then a border of smaller stars, then another skinny white border, another border of tiny hst’s! then a skinny border matching the light aqua that I have – then a white border then another thin aqua border – then – Done!

What else did I do today – a haircut that was a bit overdue, a run to the library to pick up some much needed books, a trip to the insurance office for last minute car accident paperwork.  Monday I can get the tags and license plate stuff done – yippee that will take awhile – I am being very sarcastic with that remark.  Any of you in the U.S. and especially Arkansas will know that for some reason the people in the revenue office that deal with paperwork for cars and stuff are greatly understaffed (or that is what it appears to be anyhow).  A trip there to get new license plates, drivers licenses ect is dreaded as you know most of the time it will take a chunk of your time sitting on hard metal chairs waiting your turn and waiting for your number to be called.

Our cold spell of weather seems to be just about at an end for this time!  Today got above freezing! Tonight one more cold night around 20 degrees then about 4 or 5 days in the high 40’s is coming – it will be welcome indeed.

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  • Vivian Jan 13, 2011

    I really like the way your have your triangles turned in the border. It sounds like the other borders are going to be great too. Are the stars pieced also.

    I guess when it comes to the revenue office I am lucky to be in a small town. The most I’ve ever had in front of my has been two other people. But, the workers only work at one pace — snail speed.

    I am already ready for spring and 50 & 60 degree weather. I stay cold.
    Vivian recently posted…Plans for the New YearMy Profile

  • Astrid Jan 13, 2011

    That aqua border looks so “fresh” to separate the center piece and the border, very nice. Can’t wait to see the progress!

  • Suze Jan 13, 2011

    Bring a pillow (in a tote bag) with you to the revenue office..it either will mean you get served so quickly that the pillow seems like a waste of time…or you at least have something softer than those metal chair seats to sit on whilst waiting…

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Jan 13, 2011

    Karen, look on the bright side… At least we get chairs here, although I never have to wait long in Huntsville. In MO, we had to snake through a rope maze to get to the 6 or 7 employees. I’d almost rather go to the dentist than do that again!!!

    Did I count 9 borders total?? What size will it finish? It has such a pretty open and airy feel to it… almost like spring!! Sigh….

  • Michelle Jan 14, 2011

    Perfect border, Karen. It’s going to look fantastic!
    Michelle recently posted…Queensland DevastationMy Profile

  • Mary L Jan 14, 2011

    Looking good!
    Mary L recently posted…Lucky Day!My Profile

  • Gerry Jan 14, 2011

    Here in the capital city we must certain be lucky.
    Our waits at Dept of Revenue [for auto matters] are very short.

    We’ve lived in both Calif and Arizona where the lines and waits are horrible.

    Karen, really don’t know where you get the patience for the quilts you do.
    Warmer Hugs from mid-MO,
    Gerry recently posted…Sox in the MakingMy Profile

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