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At times I think I spend more time with this (photo below)– than anything else!  This is a Fons & Porter ergonomic seam ripper (found in their on line shop and quilting stores) – I’m about to find another, the seam ripper is easy to hold but it’s rounded shape drives me nuts – it rolls off of the sewing table and on to the floor so often I wonder why I keep it.


I felt like I spent way too much time ripping today so I quit earlier than I planned on. I was so careful planning out my rows of half square triangles for the borders.  I got two borders sewed on and started to plan the colors for the top border when of course I noticed one border was wrong.  I had to take the whole strip off  in order to get  the triangles into the right placement.  I wanted to get all four of these strips done but lost patience – I fixed what needed to be fixed and will continue tomorrow or Sunday.

With two borders sewed on:


Charlotte from emz-pineypost passed on a funny story to me.  “Quilting Has Taken Over My Family” you can read the story at the link.  I think it sounds like so many of us – I had a good laugh over it.

I went to the quilting group this morning – it was fun getting together, we had skipped Friday mornings over the 2 Fridays that landed in the holiday season and then I missed at least 2 Fridays because of the car accident.  I forgot my camera and this was one Friday when I wish I had remembered it – there were so many nice quilts displayed – I will try to remember my camera next week and maybe some will bring the quilts back.  Sometimes they are brought several weeks in a row as not everyone shows up every week.

Do you have a favorite seam ripper?  If you have the same kind I do – do you like it?

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  • Terri in BC Jan 14, 2011

    I just bought one of these, after reading online that the rubber end can be used to pull out the little bits of thread just by rubbing over them. Can’t wait (?) to try it out!

  • Miri Jan 14, 2011

    The quilt is looking fantastic! That’s a really interesting border with the HSTS going in different directions-makes for a lot of movement.

    I have several seam zippers-one in the living room, one on my work table in the sewing room and a little tiny one that fits in the “drawer” of my sewing machine. I don’t know what brand-the bigger ones have flat plastic handles but the little one is round and it too rolls all around!
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  • Marianne Jan 14, 2011

    I like the way your quilt is progressing. Looks great! As for seam rippers, I have two little plastic ones – downstairs in my hand sewing basket and upstairs by my machine. They are both the type with the tops that you take off the end and put on the other end to use. I hate them both because the tops always fall off as you use them. Not to mention the fact that they roll around, too. I’ve looked at the F&P but it seems too big for my hands. What makes them so ergonomic?

  • CJ Jan 14, 2011

    I use the little ones that you can find anywhere. I actually have a picture here:

    I actually like them. They’re small so they’re easy to tuck in and I have a few of them so I can have lots of homes for them which makes forgeting them a little less likely.

    The think I like most about them is the cool little block of wood that I have for it. It allows me to easily separate my blocks when chain piecing.

    I’ve looked at the seam ripper that you have a few times but the handle looks sooo big.
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  • lil red hen Jan 14, 2011

    It’s funny you called the seam ripper your friend; I’ve called mine my friend since I have to use it so much. Mine are the kinds with lids to put over the sharp point, but it usually is off. That’s one friend I wish I didn’t need. Charlotte

  • Mary L Jan 14, 2011

    Boy does that story sound way too familiar!
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  • Vivian Jan 14, 2011

    I just use a Wal-mart cheapie one. It is not round so I don’t have to worry about it rolling off the table.

    Glad you enjoyed your quilting group. Really glad it is a little warmer here.
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  • Karen P in Oz Jan 15, 2011

    I love your quilt, especially the way you have put the half square triangles in alternate directions, I think I may do the same, much more interesting. I have two unpickers, one is a janome and the other is a clover. I like both because they have a fine sharp blade but the clover is easier to hold as it has a larger handle.

  • Teri Dingler Jan 15, 2011

    I use the ones CJ uses – the little ones you find anywhere – it fits in my short fingers and hands easy – but I like the sound of this one – I may have to get one and give it a try! that quilt is stunning! It may have to go on my “to do” list….. as it grows! haha
    Teri Dingler

  • CJ Jan 15, 2011

    I am loving the quilt Karen, the border is just wild and so cool looking!
    As for seam rippers… I don’t use one. I much prefer to use my small embroidery scissors for that purpose.
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  • Trish Jan 15, 2011

    I love this seam ripper too! When I misplaced mine, I immediately went out and bought a second one. Of course, I found the first one shortly after misplacing it. Now I have two of my favorite tools!
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  • Astrid Jan 15, 2011

    The quilt is coming along very nicely!
    Seam ripper; I use the one that came with the Bernina. I wish the handle had been sligthly bigger though… I bought one local one year ago or so, but that one I don’t like, because the part that cuts seem too big – too thick – for the seams – if you follow what I mean. Perhaps it is meant for overlocks, but didn’t say anything about that..
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  • Debby Iwasenko Jan 16, 2011

    Hi Karen,

    My favourite seam ripper is a Clover one. It has a brown handle and is flat so when I put it down it stays where I put it plus it is nice and sharp. I bought two extras so if I lose one I know I have spares on hand. I live in Australia but I am sure you can buy them in the US.


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