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I kind of thought that seeing as we are 9 days into the new year that it was time to take the Christmas quilt off of the wall Sad smileI loved how it turned out and it decorated the house nicely – but it was after all a Christmas quilt.

When we hung the Christmas quilt up on the wall we had put up a new wall hanger as the old one had begun to sag a bit from the weight of the quilt that hung for about 9 years (?). This time we made sure to put up a center support as well.  I had washed the wall hanging and had put it aside until it was time to put it back up.  Well what I hadn’t realized was that even with washing and drying it did not get it’s shape back. It had hung too long on the wall on a sagging support and it had stretched permanently out of shape!   When I made that quilt (mid-90’s?) I was not always using cotton batting and had used polyester batting and probably really cheap stuff at that – I do think that contributed to the problem.  It will still be able to be used, but not as a hanging it can reside on the edge of the couch as a lap quilt.  What a disappointment.  But change is good right?

Looking over the quilts to decide what to hang in it’s place did not take long – I don’t have many the right size – I decided on this one.  Some of it hangs in back of the couch as it was a little too long but it fills up the space nicely and gives the room a totally different look.  I made this quilt from an internet exchange of 5 inch charms back in the 1990’s.  I have fabric from all over the world in it and all colors and prints are only in it one time each making it a “charm quilt”. The link will lead you to the history of charm quilts. The bottom in back of the couch has more yellows and browns.  Back then I made wider binding but I did not feel like re-doing it – it is as it is – an older quilt made before I have all of the skills I have now.  My quilting is improved, my points are better now and so is my binding, color placement could have been a lot better – live and learn.  This quilt continues to be one of my favorites even with the mistakes made in it.  Something about scrap quilts!  It took me several years of fabric exchanges to get enough variety of color to make it.   I might take it back down one day and put a hanging sleeve on the bottom of the quilt to so that periodically I can hang it the opposite way to see the colors that are now hidden.


I eventually got added on to the Quilters Blog and Store Search site (located on the side bar) just some confusion – I was sent a nice note and all is well.  So many nice blogs listed – many are ones that I am familiar with but plenty of new ones (to me) to look through also.

We are getting a blast of winter weather – this time with a little bit of snow – I don’t know how much we will get by tomorrow but any amount of snow or ice in Arkansas brings about a panic to a large part of the population – it is all the weather people talk about and they are so excited about it you wouldn’t believe it.

This is what it looks like here in central Arkansas – the south is getting more than 6 inches – weird that they are getting more than us – but that is weird winter weather for you.  I do hope the roads do not get bad.  I need to run out tomorrow to go the insurance office to take care of paper work for insurance for the new car and I also have to run to the bank to get the title for the old car to give to the insurance agent for taking that wreck off of our hands.  If the weather is bad it can wait until Tuesday.  I don’t drive when the roads are bad.  I spent half my life on northern winter roads – but driving in the south on winter roads is a different story – it takes longer to clear the roads (less snow removal equipment) and people drive like idiots.  Also we live on the top of a ridge – it is all downhill from here to the highway – 3 miles of it with parts in deep shade which end up icing over as it begins to melt.  I wait until the hill is sanding normally — unless it is just a tiny bit of snow like it is now.  Which still might get icy but the always sand those areas the most.


Besides snow we are also getting very cold weather for here – this week will only be in the 30’s for highs and teens for lows maybe even colder – today stayed in the 20’s almost all day.  We did take the car out for a spin this morning before the snow was going to come – it runs smoothly!  Looks like I will have get snow off of it tomorrow if I leave the house!

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  • Yvette Jan 9, 2011

    I love this wall quilt too! It looks fresh.

    Brrrrrrrrr , it looks cold there.
    Yvette recently posted…3 New Starts &amp 2 FinishesMy Profile

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Jan 9, 2011

    I can’t believe you didn’t bring your new car in and wrap it in a blanket!!!! It looks like it’s cold…. LOL!!! AND you bought it on Gene’s birthday!!

    I like the star quilt! It looks bright and cheerful. Good choice.

  • Vivian Jan 9, 2011

    I love your wall quilt. I like the way the block arrangement plays on the colors.
    Vivian recently posted…Its Quiet Around Here- But My Profile

  • Anja Rieger Design Jan 10, 2011

    Your quilt with the stars looks really beautiful!
    But the size of your quilt would kill me 🙂

  • Marianne Jan 10, 2011

    Say, I like the way the new quilt looks! It is very bright and cheery.

  • Michelle Jan 10, 2011

    A beautifully scrappy charm quilt, Karen. It’s great that you got it out and hung it up.

    We’re getting snow too. I haven’t peeked out the window yet this morning though.
    Michelle recently posted…Monday MiscellaneousMy Profile

  • Crispy Jan 11, 2011

    Gee you get a new car and then it goes and snows!! Not Fair LOL!! I love your scrappy quilt. It looks wonderful on the wall :0)


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