Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Double Check, Triple Check

by Karen on March 8, 2011

in quilts

We have all done it – certainly I can’t be the only one.  We double check and triple check before we slice fabric with the rotary cutter only to find that once again we didn’t look at it right!!

I decided to get my center large square started for the Red and Green Applique block so that I can just get it finished before started another new project.  After checking measurements 3 times and deciding a 35 inch block for the center I got started.  I cut a chunk of fabric off of the big piece that I have set aside for this quilt.  I ironed and starched.  Then got the rotary cutter out and the mat so I could square up.  I was doing well.

Here it is laid out folded in quarters.


I got it all squared up and then unfolded it to measure it as a whole piece to make sure it was perfect and found that I had trimmed a side that had been folded and didn’t need trimming!! I ended up with two pieces!!


Thankfully I have like 7 yards of this fabric and I was able to start all over again – now it really is a 35 inch square – pressing marks to line things up right.  It is hanging over my quilting frame right now until I get the applique pieces started and ready to glue baste the center on to it.  I am going to just be doing it in sections.  Quite often I just glue baste the whole design on it and get going but this one is big so I will be doing it in sections.


Several have asked what does the center block look like – here is the photo from the book – my colors vary of course from the book so I will be going through my box of red and greens that I have been using and maybe throw in a few others that I haven’t used.  I will decide as I get to it.


I will be putting the sashing in between the blocks as is here – I’m not sure what size.  I am thinking of other -than thin that is –to have the sashing at 1 inch or a half an inch.  The border has been up in the air.  I was thinking of doing an applique border but by time I get done with the center I am pretty sure I will be changing my mind on that.  Possibly I will just put a couple inches of the background fabric around the blocks for a border and then bind with a red or green.  It will be a ways off before it gets quilted as so many are waiting in line.  I am ready to be done with this quilt though if you know what I mean and that is why I am pretty sure I will not do an applique border also.  There will not be room for any fancy quilting with as much applique is on this quilt and I will just hand quilt around the applique designs and then do a cross hatch or diagonal line quilt over the whole thing.  In the second book that I used for 4 of the wreath blocks that is how she quilted it and I liked the simplicity of the look.