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Last week I showed you all a photo or two of the cover that I made for my Kindle. It was a nice cover I thought but after a brief use of it I realized that with the instructions as they are the corners on the right side of the cover that hold the Kindle in place are not large enough.  As you can see from the photo when you make the cover you are sewing right sides together and then turning inside out – when you finish your sewing and turn the cover right sides out you can see that the corners on the right side are cut off a good quarter inch or more – this makes it so that the kindle can slide right on out of the case – which is the problem I was having with the hard cover that I had originally bought to go with it.  (it is next to impossible with the padding that this cover has to get the right side pointed in the corners the instructions even state that the corners may not be “sharp” but rounded).  If you can get them pointed it might work out just fine for you)


This is the pattern I am using – I like the pattern and maybe I am not following instructions correctly – I do not want to say anything against whoever it was that drew up the design.  I love the design – just not the right side corners.  And like I say – this might be my sewing.


So this morning I thought why not make a new cover using the same pattern but making the right side squares 3 inches instead of 2 1/2 inches as the pattern calls for.  You cut squares and then press them in half corner to corner.

Here is the new Kindle cover with the larger corner pieces!  It worked.  Has anyone else made this pattern for the kindle and had the same problem I ran into – or is it just me I wonder not being a maker of all things using fabric and normally just quilts.


The front:


The inside:


Not the neatest job in the world – a few crinkles here and there – but satisfies me.  I do believe this will work out.  Instead of using the hard piece of Pellon Thermolam Plus TPq71F that it called for I made an adjustment – I used one layer of request loft quilters dream batting and one layer of firm fusible – when I bought the supplies last week at Hobby Lobby they did not have what the pattern called for and I bought two different products which I was told was about the same as what the pattern called for. The other piece the pattern calls for is Pellon Shape Flex SF101.  Like I say I do not normally use these items so I wasn’t even sure what they were Smile

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  • Gerry Apr 7, 2011

    You gave a good trial period
    and now YOUR modifications are looking good
    as if these cornders will hold your kindle more securely.
    I love your choice of fabric!
    Gerry recently posted…Things in ThreesMy Profile

  • Crispy Apr 7, 2011

    Hooray for figuring out how to make the pattern work….I would have just given up LOL. I love the fabrics you used :0)


  • Judy Apr 8, 2011

    Looks good. Another suggestion would be elastic at the corners.

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