Rain, Rain, Go Away


I tell you I am getting tired of rain – every day, off and on rain, sometimes more than other days.  Yesterday we drove to NW Arkansas for a family gathering that had been planned to be outside and we ended up in the very large workshop with tables and chairs all over the place to do our visiting in there as the house wasn’t large enough for all!

This is one rainy spring and it sounds like we are in for bad storms all this week.  I guess it will be a good time to stay in the house and get some of this quilting done.

As I was writing this we went into tornado warning!  It wasn’t cloudy, raining or dark at at that moment – we get notified by phone call from the Little Rock Weather Call.  For a very small yearly fee you give them your telephone numbers with your address and when you go into tornado warning for your specific area they call you and let you know.  I put the tv on immediately to see where it is – they are so accurate now that normally they have it mapped out and let you know how close it is to you.  Didn’t look at all like it was in our area.  This is what it looked like outside – sure didn’t look like a tornado heading our way! (yes I take the camera with me too – if I have time!) this area is looking out over by our workshop.


We went to the storm shelter anyhow – I bring my computer and phone – my phone is my internet connection – I can follow the storm on my computer as long as I have a signal.  After 15 minutes we knew it was north of us.  We came back into the house

Now it is dark as can be outside – thunderstorm coming for sure now! Now it looks like this – 30 minutes later!


Thought I would use the zoom lens and get a photo of the roses in the wild garden area – it is a way from the house but with the zoom I got this without being near them and still only a few feet from the storm shelter for if I had to dash into it Smile


They might get knocked to shreds in this week of storms so thought I needed to get a photo of them now.  That big brush pile is actually across a dirt side rode that is bordering our property – it sure looks like it is in our yard but it isn’t.

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  • Marianne Apr 24, 2011

    Scary – those tornadoes. The first summer our family lived in Wisconsin (1967?), we had one and all headed into the basement with board games, junk food, and the radio. We kids thought it was fun, but my parents didn’t seem as thrilled. Amazing that you have a storm shelter, but I’m glad you do! Be safe, my friend.

  • Vivian Apr 24, 2011

    Yep, storms every evening. Sure is getting old.
    Vivian recently posted…Happy EasterMy Profile

  • Mary LeClerc Apr 24, 2011

    Hope the storms stay away from you. Thundering and raining here right now. We’re headed north in the morning. Have a good week.
    Mary LeClerc recently posted…This Is How I Do ItMy Profile

  • Becky in VA Apr 24, 2011

    I think it’s great you get the warning over your phone! I just head someplace around Abilene, TX had 4 1/5″ hail!!!

    Stay safe.

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Apr 24, 2011

    We’ve had 2.75 inches of rain today and almost 5 in the three days preceding today. I’ve watched the map and it looks like Vivian is getting some storms right now and Russellville, too.

    Although it’s still raining here, the thunder sounds further away, so I’m going back to stitch on my Leaders and Enders quilt.

    Hope you, Vivian, and CJ are safe and not flooded out.

  • Crispy Apr 25, 2011

    So scary!! We are finally going to be in the 60’s this week Woo Hoo!! I must admit I did love seeing plain ol’ rain on Saturday :0)


  • lil red hen Apr 25, 2011

    I have what I call, “my cellar bag,” with a few essentials inside, in case everything is gone when we come out of the cellar. lol

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