June 2011

Brown Sugar Oat Blueberry Muffins

by Karen on June 30, 2011

in Baking/cooking

1 cup old-fashioned oats

1 1/2 cups of flour (I use white/wheat)

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

3/4 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup milk

1/4 cup oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup frozen or fresh blueberries

I just toss everything in a bowl and mix it up.  Stir in 1 cup of blueberries.

Bake at 375 for 20 minutes – check for doneness – go a couple more minutes if necessary.  Invert onto a wire rack to cool after they have cooled a couple minutes.  Makes 1 dozen regular size muffins.



Pave The Way…

by Karen on June 30, 2011

in quilts

I might be sticking with the name “Pave The Way” for the staggered blocks hand piecing quilt that I am working on right now.  It is going together so easily – I can just take a stack (in order on the wall) sit down, draw a sewing line on quickly, do my running stitch and then add another block – what I am done with so far.  I might end up making it one row longer and not quite so wide – I will decide on that when I get to the last row on the right and see what I have.  I think this one will be a new table topper.


I mentioned Inklingo last week or the week before – a method of hand piecing where you print your templates directly onto the fabric.  I was trying it out yesterday and after a lot of trial and error finally got the printing figured out.  Yahoo groups are so helpful.  I joined the Yahoo group for Inklingo a week or so ago and when I was ready to print and couldn’t figure it out I put a message out to the group late in the evening on Monday night and by Tuesday morning I had answers waiting for me.  I will be making this pattern – Joseph’s Coat – using scraps, piecing by hand.  All those yellow/orange colors will be a wide variety of scraps.  I need to print these out so the ink is a little darker so I can see it better, it was almost too light to see it and the whole point is to be able to see your stitch line but without it being so dark that you can see it on the right side.  These first pieces are my experimenting pieces – I will print out a couple darker and then get it wet and see if it bleeds.  Then I will know if it is too dark.


I did just a little bit yesterday to try it out and get a feel for it – make sure it was printing out how I wanted ect. – this is what I got done with so far – now it will be put aside though until the quilt at the top is finished – I will be printing out scraps on the freezer paper to have things ready for when I am ready to get started.  Great thing about freezer paper is that it can be used over and over again until the fabric no longer sticks well to it and then you replace and start over again.  I have a lot of scraps that need to be cut into rectangle pieces to get ready for this quilt.


First thing I need to do this morning though after I get myself off of the computer and dressed is to prepare a couple Farmer’s Wife blocks so I will have it ready for quilt group tomorrow.  I have not worked on this one since last Friday – that is ok though as I did say this was going to be my Friday quilt for group.  These two blocks are the ones I need to pick out fabric for and get cut out.



WIP Wednesday

by Karen on June 29, 2011

in quilts

Works in Progress Wednesday:

The Farmers Wife – I want to get a couple blocks prepped to work on Friday at quilt group.

Signature quilt – I need to get some more of the leaves embroidery done.

The new quilt – The name of the pattern is “Pave the Way” but I don’t know if that is the name for my quilt.  I have not decided if I will put some sashing in between the rows to make it larger.  Right now it will be about 40 x 52 if I put all the bars together with no sashing.  I am hand piecing this simple quilt, it is very relaxing and not difficult at all.


The bars up at the top are the ones that are already sewed together – just not in rows yet so that if I want to add sashing I can, I will decide that when I get all the bars sewed in strips and see what the size looks like. In the photo they are just right next to each other.  I am sewing 4 strips together at a time and then put it up on the wall and I will continue to do it that way for now.


I am also back to work quilting every day on the quilting frame.


What are you in the middle of working on – go over to Freshly Pieced and see what others are working on.

I decided yesterday after our daughter left to go back home that the design wall was coming back out for this quilt and will be a part of the décor for a couple weeks or so!  It really and truly just isn’t in the way,  Mike is hardly home right now with the hours he is working so the table doesn’t get used all that much. 

It rained for about 45 minutes yesterday. I do not have a rain gauge so I don’t know how much rain we got.   A lot of it ran off when it came down so fast but some soaked in also.  It is cloudy again this morning I wonder if it is possible to have a chance of rain again today – keep your fingers crossed.



by Karen on June 28, 2011

in quilts

How nice – finally some rain – now if it would only slow down a little so it can soak in – pouring so hard it is all running off too quickly.  I do not think we have had rain in a month – I’m excited Smile


running down the driveway – slow up and soak in!  I have been getting tired of dragging the hose and the water sprinkler around watering everything – this might make it so I don’t have to water anything until the weekend – one can hope although it will be back to near 100 before you know it I’m sure and after this rain that means tonight and tomorrow will most likely be humid.


A rained cooled 73 degrees outside –


Looks like I will delay my grocery shopping until later in the day – I hate to grocery shop in the rain, trying to get all those bags in stuff in the car you know – this might go on most of the afternoon.  I think I will get my portable design wall back out and get to work on arranging the “candy bars” I just finished sewing all of the 2 1/2 inch squares to them.  Now to figure out color placement.


A Win and A Giveaway

by Karen on June 28, 2011

in quilts

I just have to share this news.  Some of you know that Moda sells boxes of “Candy Bars” 2 1/2 inch x 5 inch bars of fabric.  That is what I am using in a hand piecing project.  While for a limited amount of time Moda has included a coupon for $150.00 in a few select boxes (100 boxes out of all of those that they are selling).  My friend Regina (no blog) is one of the lucky few and got one of the winning boxes!!  She had to call me yesterday and share the exciting news.  Now she fills out the coupon and sends it back to Moda and she goes in to the final drawing where the prize is a 2 night stay I believe in Dallas and you get a tour of the Moda Warehouse and see all the wonderful products and how they do things.  She will be sent a $150 goody bag from Moda.  I am dying to see what it will include.


I’m so excited for her but of course I wish it had been me Smile you should have seen me opening my box when I got it searching for the winning ticket!  Sad smile nope not me – but I am so glad to hear my good friend got one – there were only 100 tickets in all of those boxes that went out at the beginning of the year.

You can find the Candy Bars at numerous places, they are still selling them.  A lot of the on line quilt shops that sell Moda products have them as well as quilt shops.  I believe it goes until August and then the drawing in September I think.

Now on to that giveaway – over at Pigtails & Quilts Thearica is having a sponsored giveaway – run on over and see what she has to give away.


Design Wall Monday

by Karen on June 27, 2011

in quilts

I know I won’t get a lot of sewing done on this one today but I slapped some of the pieces up on the temporary design wall so you could see what I am going to be doing with these candy bars and white squares.  I saw this pattern on someone’s blog and I haven’t a clue where, if you know who did it send me a link.  I’m just calling it crooked stacked logs for now.  I have about 40 more bars to sew, then I can get it all up on the wall to decide what size it will be.


My lighting wasn’t the best – the colors are much brighter than this, I will have to make sure the next photo is brighter.

I haven’t figured out how many rows and what the final size of this quilt will be – nor have  I decided what the border will be.  This one will be all hand pieced so it won’t be done tomorrow Smilemaybe next week?  Just kidding LOL, it will be an on going project for the part of the hot, hot summer.  I could whip it up quickly on the sewing machine but then it would just sit along side all the other tops waiting to be quilted so I am just going to take my sweet time with this one along with the Farmer’s Wife.

My daughter leaves tomorrow morning so I will get back to my long sewing sessions then.  Head on over to Judy’s at Patchwork Times and see what everyone is working on.