Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday

by Karen on June 29, 2011

in quilts

Works in Progress Wednesday:

The Farmers Wife – I want to get a couple blocks prepped to work on Friday at quilt group.

Signature quilt – I need to get some more of the leaves embroidery done.

The new quilt – The name of the pattern is “Pave the Way” but I don’t know if that is the name for my quilt.  I have not decided if I will put some sashing in between the rows to make it larger.  Right now it will be about 40 x 52 if I put all the bars together with no sashing.  I am hand piecing this simple quilt, it is very relaxing and not difficult at all.


The bars up at the top are the ones that are already sewed together – just not in rows yet so that if I want to add sashing I can, I will decide that when I get all the bars sewed in strips and see what the size looks like. In the photo they are just right next to each other.  I am sewing 4 strips together at a time and then put it up on the wall and I will continue to do it that way for now.


I am also back to work quilting every day on the quilting frame.


What are you in the middle of working on – go over to Freshly Pieced and see what others are working on.

I decided yesterday after our daughter left to go back home that the design wall was coming back out for this quilt and will be a part of the décor for a couple weeks or so!  It really and truly just isn’t in the way,  Mike is hardly home right now with the hours he is working so the table doesn’t get used all that much. 

It rained for about 45 minutes yesterday. I do not have a rain gauge so I don’t know how much rain we got.   A lot of it ran off when it came down so fast but some soaked in also.  It is cloudy again this morning I wonder if it is possible to have a chance of rain again today – keep your fingers crossed.