Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I’m Tired–Got a Little Done

by Karen on July 5, 2011

in quilts

What is it about the day after you get back from a trip no matter if it is long or short.  I always get so tired and need several early nights in a row.  So what did I do today?

Some clean laundry – folded and ready to be put away before I go to sleep tonight.  Believe me there was a lot more as I hadn’t done laundry before we left – a lot of what was done was hung up in the closet!


Groceries in the refrigerator:


Freezer re-stocked:


Then I was able to sit and relax the rest of the day doing some sewing.  I brought some of the Pave Your Way quilt along with me to hand piece in the car – my method:

use a couple pins, seams are marked in pencil before hand – as I use the pins I take them out and stick them on the hem of my Capri’s so I won’t loss them.  Never put pins in your mouth while you are a passenger – quick stops you know can lead to problems.  I did bring a needle threader with me but believe it or not I did not need it – I think the extra good light really helps for threading needles even though the roads can get bumpy.


I keep things in a cosmetic bag – keep the scissors in the bag and be quick when you are using them – again – accidents can happen


Between the piecing on the road and what I did today – this quilt is coming along really nicely – I will press pieces in the morning and show the progress then.