Monday, July 11, 2011

It’s Monday

by Karen on July 11, 2011

in quilts

What are up to this fine hot Monday?  On my design wall, table, floor whatever you want to call it Smile are several projects raring to go.  Head on over to Judy at Patchwork Times and see what everyone is working on.

And before I get busy with all that I am working on here is a photo from the middle of the afternoon yesterday – you see that number in the lower right hand corner – 101.9 that was our temperature up here on the ridge even with all of our trees around!!  We rarely get up to 100 here – in town yes they have it happen more than we do, but up here with the shade trees and very little pavement – no it is not supposed to be!!!! and we are in for more all week Crying faceI went into town in the morning to get more soaker hoses for the shade plants and came directly home and didn’t put the hoses out among my plants until 8:30 PM when the temp finally got down to 96 degrees.  Needless to say I stayed in the house most of the day and will again today.


First off is quilting – I must put in several hours of hand quilting every day to get the Going in Circles quilt finished.  It is coming along so well and really not a whole lot left to do with it.

As it stands right now, not a lot of the patchwork left to quilt, I can finish up this section today or tomorrow and then get busy on the last border – the borders do have a lot of quilting in it so I expect to put in at least 20 hours on this last border.


Another project to do today (or tomorrow) is the getting the patchwork table topper “Pave The Way” basted and ready to start quilting in the hoop.  I didn’t have any fabric wide enough for the backing so I need to get the machine out today and put several pieces together. I have everything hanging on one end of the quilting frame waiting for me to do it.  I am using this inexpensive piece of batik that I got at Marshall’s Dry Goods Store (a place where you can purchase inexpensive, damaged in places fabric)


I did get one Farmer’s Wife Block finished on Friday during the day – I need to get several more blocks prepped and put aside to work on when I feel like it – this is block #14


And last but not least – all week I intend on getting out the color pencils and worksheets and I am going to decide color placement for the Joseph’s Coat Quilt.  This is one that I am using the inklingo method of printing out your templates directly onto the fabric.  I was going to do this a very scrappy method but then I got to looking at all the Bali Batiks that I have on the shelves and thought it would look lovely with that.  I want to do a color graduation type layout where starting in one corner your colors flow out going from green to blue to purple to yellow or whatever arrangement I come up with.  But I really need a color flowchart made so I can do it correctly – Using Linda Frantz’s Inklingo method is helpful and she also has worksheets that you can print out and I will be taping some together to give me the amount of blocks I need and go from there.  At the same time I can get some of these other projects closer to finishing.

The worksheets


The block which makes the Joseph’s Coat: