AccuQuilt Go Baby Cutter


I saw this mentioned on a blog and don’t remember which one – I have so many on my Google Reader it is pitiful! but thought I would share another savings with you all.  I am not really interested in the Accu Quilt Go Baby but did you know you can buy them on for about half of what you pay at some shops? Listed in shops for $139.99 on Amazon $67.99 limited number available I’m sure.  I know some places run them on sale so maybe some of the on-line shops and quilt shops (plus JoAnne’s) have them for the same prices?  If I had a JoAnne’s here I would know but I don’t and I do know they have coupons too so maybe some of you have bought at a discounted price.


Of course you still have to pay for the dies.  They have some of those available also at various prices.  They also have the large cutter available at a lower price – list price $349.00 – Amazon’s price $214.95


Because I do so much of my work by hand I wouldn’t be interested in getting either one of these unless it was a present or if I happened to win one.  Between the machine and the dies it cost a lot and I am too cheap to spend the money for it – I would rather get fabric!  I think purchasing the dies really adds up in cost after awhile.   I just don’t crank quilts out fast enough to make it worth while and I don’t mind cutting out applique pieces while I sit and watch tv or whatever.  Strips and blocks to me are easy to cut with the rotary cutter and the matt.

But I know a lot of you out there might be interested so I thought I would pass this savings on to you Smile

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  • nanci Jul 10, 2011

    I must say that even though my sweetie wanted to get me one for Christmas, I really like doing all the cuts. Even if I make mistakes, I enjoy the quiet time it takes to do all the laying out and the cutting. Just me I think and I don’t do hand quilting as you know.\

    Ask about the google reader as Christine wants to know if she uses the reader will her blogs all be there so that she doesn’t need to download each individually. She is in Germany and doesn’t have high speed…

  • Linda V Jul 10, 2011

    Thanks for the info, Karen. I would LOVE to win one, but it is not in my budget, either. The cost of the dies really do add up, don’t they?

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Jul 10, 2011

    In fine print on the Joann coupon, it says it cannot be used on AccuQuilt products. My friend has one and I think it’s wasteful. With fabric $9 and $10 a yard, I’m like you, I’ll cut by hand.

    Hopefully we will get rain soon. My flowers look terrible, even with watering…. Nothing like a good soaking rain. Stay cool.

  • Penny Jul 10, 2011

    From what I have seen and read, you still need to cut the fabric to fit so why not just cut it all. If you were lucky to win one o.k but then with the price of the dies and also replacement parts – WOW. They say it saves time but at what expense. Wish we could send you some of our cold and rain, you need it and we have had enough for the time being. Karen, would sweetened condensed milk be a suitable replacement for Cool Whip?

  • Crispy Jul 11, 2011

    I have no interest in the Go Cutter either. I mostly use scissors to cut out shapes :0)


  • Teri Dingler Jul 11, 2011

    I agree – I would rather get more fabric! I don’t work on a lot of “applique” quilts, and the ones I have done, I didn’t mind cutting out myself – pieces were unique to that particular quilt – I don’t think I would use it enough to substantiate the cost – thanks for the tip!

  • Alberta Price Jul 11, 2011

    my thoughts agree completely… will not purchase it but I do enter as many giveaways as I can to win one… I have 2 friends that have one so if I really need one, I can borrow theirs. I have one project that I could use the GO for cutting out squares but I also enjoy the process of the cutting and keeping track of what I am cutting.

  • Astrid Jul 12, 2011

    I know about the AccuQuilt Go, but even if I can save buying it from Amazon (if they ship it internatioanlly), I’m not interested. I love cutting fabrics using the rotary cutter and I don’t need any speedy way doing the cutting. 🙂 I don’t think I even want to win it! 🙂

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