Evening at the Seashore


EDITED: after reading some comments about the Jefferson Davis home I thought I should clarify that the house is referred to as a mansion but is actually quite small by those standards.  It is basically a 9 room house with a very wide hallway (gallery).  The kitchen would be in a separate house as was in those days to keep the heat out of the house from cooking and also less danger of fire.  The family had 13 children.  This was the summer house.  The girls all spread out on cots and blankets on the floor in the girls bedrooms- the bedroom shown in the photo is from the later years  from a daughter that was grownup.  The boys slept under the house on hammocks strung on the support beams (the house is on tall support beams to be about 12 feet or so off the ground to keep it safe from bad storms and storm surge).  There was the music room, dining room for adults, small dining area for children, office, parlor, Mr. Davis’s bedroom, Mrs. Davis’s bedroom, 1 guest room and 1 daughter’s bedroom – the bedrooms all are small and so are the two dining rooms.

The temperature here is mainly in the low to mid 90’s and 80’s in the evening.

Sunset at the Gulf (Saturday night at about 8 PM)


Finding seashells with Hermit Crabs in them.  If we had been in the camper I would have brought an old pot along to boil some of these shells – you have to do that to get rid of the crabs inside them if you want to keep the shells.  These we just looked at and took photos, then put them back in the water.


Crawling away from us!


I couldn’t get  a photo of the crabs in this one photo but there are in both of these shells too.


A Ray of some sort that got left behind in the tide – it is already dead but it hadn’t been long from the looks of it.


Low tide – we walked out a way in the water and never got it above our knees.  We were taking photos though so didn’t get real wet.    Some kids enjoying themselves.  The bridge is one that goes to Biloxi.


I am caught up on Saturdays photos now – we are off to look at more things Sunday and I will post more then!  A short trip but we are seeing a lot of things – I am having a very bad hair weekend – Smile the humidity and the breeze – oh well we can’t have everything can we

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  • Crispy Jul 3, 2011

    What a wonderful little vacation you are having!! I love visiting old homes like that. It’s really a shame it was damage so badly in the storm. I bet they lost a lot of valuable historic items.

    Crispy (time has been at a premium lately so am just commenting here 😉

  • Vivian Jul 3, 2011

    Hey, no fair. We didn’t find any pretty shells like that when we went to the gulf. We sure didn’t see any hermit crabs. That is just too cool.

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