Fort Gaines on the seashore of Alabama



Saturday was spent in the Gulfport to Biloxi area – Sunday was from Pascagoula and into Alabama – we went down to Fort Gaines, took the ferry across to Fort Morgan but decided to skip that one and then went north and then over through Mobile and back to our motel.


This morning we decided to drive towards Alabama and see what was over there by the seashore, on the map we saw several forts and thought they might be interesting to see also could see that there would be a ferry ride.

Entrance to the fort:


This fort is from 1821 and was used in the Civil War.  This is an over view of the fort.  At the most I about 400 soldiers worked here.


This sign caught my eye – how could it not – ever wonder about sanitation from the mid 1800’s especially at war time – well this explains this one Smile


The ten holes – lack of privacy yes!


The bakery–


Sign at the museum by a photo – I could relate so to what it says of children running around playing in the fort ruins before it was made into a museum.  I could just picture myself and my many siblings running through this playing all sorts of games – we would have loved it!!


Pottery shards


A typical uniform – after being here for two days in the this humidity I can not even begin to imagine how hot and uncomfortable it was for soldiers to wear these wool uniforms – no wonder death rate was high from illness!!


After we left here we drove to the ferry – next post

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  • Crispy Jul 4, 2011

    OMGosh, I would just be one big puddle with that humidity in the the south. It could be 120 degrees and I wouldn’t mind but get over 60% humidity and I’m doomed LOL.


  • Mary L Jul 4, 2011

    Great pics. Have a great day today!

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Jul 4, 2011

    Fun trip for you!! We lived in Biloxi when I was a child.. even went through a hurricane there. I was to young to appreciate the history of the area then, but would love to go back and check it out.

  • Gari Jul 4, 2011

    Love seeing the fort we visited several years ago. There used to be a fort on an island just off of Biloxi. Is that one you went to? We had to take a boat out there but I’m not sure if it survived the most recent hurricaines.

  • Teri Dingler Jul 4, 2011

    Welcome to my part of the country! Gulf Shores is beautiful, and not populated like Destin, Panama City, in Florida so it is a great place to go – and the Fort is fun – especially if you have small kids or grandkids We took waterguns and extra water in gallon jugs for the waterguns and they had a blast! Have fun on your trip!

  • Arlene Jul 4, 2011

    I have been enjoying your post’s about the trip. The’re some intersting sights to see in the area it looks like. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vivian Jul 4, 2011

    I posted on your next post before I saw this entry. Yep, Fort Gaines is where we were.

    I had heard a lot of people talk about Dauphin Island and was disappointed that there wasn’t more there on the island. I expected lots of food places and maybe some shops.

  • Astrid Jul 6, 2011

    We didn’t visit this fort, took the IS to Texas. I can’t imagine wearing those uniforms in the heat and humidity – poor guys! And a ’10-seaters outhouse’! At our farm we had a ‘3-seaters’! :)) It was 2 for adults and one for a kid.

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