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I showed earlier today how to get started on the Joseph’s Coat quilt.  I am continuing on from there – keep in mind that with as many colors that I am using it is harder to put together because you have to constantly be checking for color placement – if you are doing a two color quilt it will go much faster. The section on the top is the one that I showed you how to do this morning.  I then put these two pieces together after I went back to the design wall to check and make sure it was the pieces I wanted.


Now after I sewed these two segment together which just entailed the one seam – the melon nesting next to the back ground piece I had to join it to the first circle.


I lay both of the pieces on my design board so I make sure I don’t get confused on where I want them – yes it is easy to get mixed up!


Match up your center of the two pieces.


Pin in the center and then pin as I did earlier doing a whole melon on each side of the center.


I use little pencil dashes on these until I get some of the pieces printed out using the Inklingo method – which I will show tomorrow or another day.


When I get to the center point I kind of ease it open a bit holding back seams so I can see how far in to sew – then I slip the needle through all those seams to start stitching on the next melon.


Pressed and stuck back up on the wall.  I wasn’t pleased with how the center came together, the points didn’t match quite right – but I wasn’t displeased enough to take it apart – this will be a big quilt – lots of points – if anyone wants to find all the places they don’t match let them Smile As I get pieces stitched the pieces on the wall look like they don’t match – that is just because of the seams being in there now – as I go I will move things over in place a bit so that I don’t get confused on what goes where!


I might get back to this one later today – but maybe not.  I hope this has helped some of you who have not worked with melon shapes – this quilt could also be appliqued if you would want to I have seen it done both ways.

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  • Vivian Jul 21, 2011

    I do believe you are the queen of tiny stitches. lol This quilt is going to be unbelievable. I can’t wait to see how your color tones play out.

  • Joseph’s Coat looks complicated, but you are making it look doable. I admire that you are hand piecing!

  • Marie Jul 22, 2011

    Very nice! Thanks for the step-by-step explanations and photos. You are making it look (almost) easy. I’m looking forward to following your progress. This quilt is going to be amazing.

  • Miri Jul 22, 2011

    This is looking so great!
    I would machine piece this exactly the same way (I’d have to sew from “point to point”-not in the seam allowance-which means always backstitching and stopping and starting) and I bet this is easier to sew by hand.

  • Michelle Jul 23, 2011

    So pretty! Like you, I often hand-piece ~ especially patterns with curved seams.

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