Slow Progress on Joseph’s Coat


I have been slowing getting the pieces of Joseph’s Coat hand pieced, progress is made in slow increments.  But that is ok, because I plan on working on this one for some time to come!  This top section that is on the design wall is almost completed – those two pieces over to the side need to be added on when I finish the area I have on my work board later today.


I love these orange colors!  All of the orange colors need to be pieced.  When I get the whole section of orange colors pieced together then I will sew that whole section onto the part that is already done (the yellows/to yellow/brownish color).  The bottom measures close to 48 inches now, so there is a lot to go still.  The orange colors will merge into brown colors then reds to pink to purple to blue to green.  All won’t be a perfect merging of colors I’m sure but as good as I can get them.  This will be a nice project to last into the beginning of winter I’m sure and maybe through out the whole winter Smile


The signature quilt has had progress as well – last night I finished this section and was able to give the frame another crank down and I am now working on the 3rd row of 10 rows of blocks.  It is coming along nicely!


It is supposed to get near 100 today but it is so nice right now that I spent an hour out on the deck reading already and it was still nice when I came back in – maybe they are wrong? or it is just that it will get hot all of a sudden this afternoon.  I skipped my sewing group this morning – just didn’t feel like it for some reason.

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  • Wanda Aug 19, 2011

    The illusion of the blend will be there even if it isn’t perfect so you have nothing to worry about.
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  • Penny Aug 19, 2011

    This quilt is coming along nicely, enjoy the progress! It will be a great winter project for cheering up the winter blues. We are starting to have the odd sunny day which is pleasant but hope our summer is not as hot as you have had. Hope your plate problem can be solved, what a run-a-around, it is frustrating.

  • Arlene Aug 19, 2011

    That is so strange I went to click on another date on your blog calendar and it gives me your blog but with no text in it. I have had it happen the last couple times I have tried it. Wonder why oh well not a big deal the Josphe’s Coat is coming along really pretty. Sure hope you find the replacement for your broken dish. It does sound like they had a nice young man at the customer service that at least helps.
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  • Dica Lutz Aug 19, 2011

    Karen, Just wanted you to know I’ve enjoyed your blog each day. The quilts you are working on now looks like alot of hard work. Was glad to see a person quilt by hand instead of machine.My mother always quilted by hand she never own a machine. I was lucky to have some of her quilts. I also quilt by hand but mostly baby quilts as I don’t own a quilting frame.My aunt has a machine and does the larger ones for me.I was wondering where you are located as you write about the heat. I lived in Springfield, Mo. and we have had lots of extreme heat this summer. I’m looking forward to some more comfortable days. Will check each day on your blog untill then Happy Quilting Dica

  • Crispy Aug 19, 2011

    I’m loving these deeper oranges. I bet it fun moving on to a different tone of fabric.


  • P. Aug 20, 2011

    That Joseph’s Coat is going to be a very striking quilt. It’s coming along so nicely!

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