Thursday, September 8, 2011

On Up The Road Away’s

by Karen on September 8, 2011

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We moved about 110 miles north – just a short drive today.  We got to our campground – which considering the time of year seems to be a little busy.  We have an end spot though so we don’t have neighbors on the left side of us  and so far no one in back of us – that is nice.  Although at this time of year we don’t spend a lot of time outside in the evening, a little chilly.

We drove around a bit after we got here looking around and getting familiar with our location.  We have been here before but it has been 7 years.  We are in Colorado Springs for those of you just joining in.

One of the most recommended places to see that I can give you if you are ever in this area is “Garden of the Gods” – fantastic scenery!!  We did a short trip over there today and intend on going back.  There are walking trails to see. Believe it or not this is a city park no fee!!!  We visited the visitor center and then the Trading Post.  Also took a loop drive – just a couple photos to start you off —


Rock formations – this is just a few of the many


I always like the contrast of the green trees against the red rocks.  The sky was very cloudy today and might be tomorrow too.


In the trading post I could not believe the price on these purses – $29.99 – now I don’t know if you can tell what they are made out of?  They kind of caught my eye and I went over to look and feel – recycled plastic grocery bags – that is right if you save your grocery bags you can cut them in strips and crochet them into purses and charge a bit of money for them Smile


Now I didn’t get a photo of the homemade fudge in the shop but tell me when did they start charging $14.99 a pound for this homemade treat!!!!  I know it has been awhile since I bought any homemade fudge from a tourist shop but I don’t remember it ever being so expensive – is this normal?  We were in tourist areas last year – Yellowstone and others and I don’t remember fudge costing that much Sad smile I passed it up – I wasn’t going to spend that much even if I just got a half pound that was still too much.


More on the Fort

by Karen on September 8, 2011

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But first here is a photo of the quilting blocks I have managed to hand piece these past couple of days – Kansas Dugout Blocks (that is the name of this particular block).  This is the same block that I used for the patchwork pillows that I made for the camper a couple weeks ago.  The fabric is from Sandy Gervais (sp?) called Lollipop.


Now on to the fort:

Dried chilies!


A covered wagon sitting outside of the fort


A sleeping room – all the comforts of home – several buffalo hides to sleep on and use for warmth – a fireplace – little hangers here and there for your clothing – now where did you say the bathroom was – what! I have to walk that far Smile oh yes these were the good old days!


And yes according to the video that we watched in the visitor center someone brought a billiards table all the way out there – here is a room on the upper area that has a bar in the back and a pool table!


This is the buffalo hide press – they would fold them a certain way place them on the boards and press it down, open the form back up and place another and another until they had about 10 hides or so pressed into that opening then they would tie them tight or wrap them in cloth – something to hold them tight.


An outside kiln (oven) to make those adobe bricks that you see next to it – I wonder if they made bread in this oven too?


Every drop of water was precious!  Rain Gutters are placed all over – they did not have them here right now but I imagine a rain barrel was placed underneath each spout to collect whatever rain fell.  Other than well water that would have been the only means to get more water.


That is it from the fort.   We visited an Indian museum on the grounds of the Junior College in this small town but no photos were allowed taken inside!! I was disappointed.  There would have been so much bead work to show.  Beads on everything you could think of and the most amazing collection of Indian Baby Boards – or whatever they were called – the item the ladies placed on their backs with the babies in them – you all know what I mean?  They had many different kinds and some were so pretty.

Here is a photo outside the Koshare Indian Museum – if you are ever in La Junta Colorado stop and see this – it is worth the visit and I believe the admission was only $3.00 each


I have this post schedule for Thursday – we will be traveling part of the day – on our way north but it will be a short travel day – on to Colorado Springs for a couple days.