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More from Utah

by Karen on September 24, 2011

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The visitor center for Arches National Park blends into the setting so well.  I’m really glad they make them like that.


Wow more than 2000 arches, I’m not sure how many we have seen so far – I stopped counting after 10 I think Smile  we even had one very near our campsite!  You couldn’t see it from the campsite, but behind our site we found a rough trail that lead to it – about a 5 minute hike or so which we did once in the early evening.


Taken with my zoom lens looking back at our camper


See the opening in that rock, that is what we could see at an angle from our campsite


This is what we could see when we got very close to it – our very own arch Smile well you had to go in back of our site to get to it.  It is called “Skyline Arch”


I could not get up into it – I wanted to – but I just couldn’t angle myself quite right to climb it – Mike did though-:


Now we turn around and head back to camp with one last photo of the arch.


Some of the vegetation in that area


More from Arches later!

I did wander into the quilt shop in Moab today and they had nice fabric but nothing I really wanted.  No precuts other than fat quarters – I picked up three of those but found no patterns that I wanted – She had a fantastic quilt hanging on the classroom wall but no pattern for it, there was a really nice shoulder bag that I would have loved to make but again when I asked no pattern available.  It was a nice small shop called “It’s Sew Moab” and nice friendly lady – after chatting she told me that lots of quilting travelers come to the area and they are welcome to use her large cutting table for cutting fabric and that if one needs to use a sewing machine there are some in the classroom available for traveling quilters.  I thought that very nice and welcoming – but I really found nothing I wanted so my birthday present will continue to be searched for this trip.

We went in and out of some shops today and I saw tons of lovely pottery and other knick knacks – but I don’t know about you but I have been trying to de-clutter the house – I have too much stuff!!  Chances are I will come home with some pottery anyhow – but I think I might wait and see what I find in Arizona and New Mexico first.

We did get the campsite extended and we will be here longer – leaving on the 29th.  Maybe I can get caught up on my blogging?

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Delicate Arch

by Karen on September 24, 2011

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One of the most well known arches in Arches National Park is Delicate Arch.   We took the trail to the Arch 4 years ago on my 55th birthday and took it again a couple days before this birthday (59 but I have stopped counting now Smile )

This area in the photo – lower corner you can see the hiking trail – but then you kind of take a turn and then start over the “slick” rock – that is what they call it – you start following cairn markers and you walk over the rock which is very steep.  Then you take some more twist and turns which are back to nice sandy walk ways and though some small shaded trees before you go up more to the Arch.


People finding their way over the rock.  It is recommended on the sign before you start the hike to take two bottles of water with you,  to wear sensible hiking shoes and to allow 2 to 3 hours for the hike.  It is always amazing to me how many red face sweating people you see with no sun protection, no water and not always good shoes walking in areas like this.  Rushing as fast as they can up hill.  Gaze at the arch for 5 minutes – then rush back down and to the next scene to see.


A little shade here and there.  We took about a 5 minute rest in one of these areas. Catch our breath and let Mike get more photos set up on his tripod.  It was in one of these type of areas that a young lady went rushing past us to get to the arch not watching where she was going and totally missed a sign pointing people in the right direction – Mike yelled to her after a minute when she started looking around wondering where she was going I think and told her the trail was “over here” – I do wonder why they are all in such a rush!


We remembered this spot and knew we were close to the top –


and just around the corner you see this – the last stretch of the trail – very shaded – nice cooling off spot


And then you see this – this what was worth the 1 1/2 hours hike to see.


We sat awhile, Mike took a lot of photos.  My phone actually worked for a little bit and I took a photo of it to send to my daughters with a note “we are here” kind of thing.  So surprised to have a cell signal at that spot.  We sat for some time and ate our snacks which of course is a call to all the chipmunks in the area – amazing how those little critters show up.  By the time we got back down it had taken us the whole morning – they call the 3 hours pretty closely and the two bottles of water  – well I was drinking the end of mine when we got to the parking lot.