Tuesday, September 27, 2011

North Canyonlands National Park

by Karen on September 27, 2011

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EDITED:  Well I managed to find a place today (the 27th) to get my hair cut after a morning of hikes back up in the Arches.  We were coming back through town around 1:30 and saw two shops on the same block – I told Mike I would run in one and see if they could fit me in for a hair cut and if they couldn’t I would try the other – the first shop worked out fine – the bangs are too short but other than that I have the same hair cut I normally wore before I thought I wanted to grow my hair out the last six months!! :)

Canyonlands National Park is divided up in sections with the entrances many miles apart.  To get to the north section yesterday (the 25th) we drove past the entrance to Arches some miles down the road before we turned west and finally got to the park.

The plant life is so pretty – at first a lot of people might not even notice the variety – but once you start looking you see a lot.


Pretty white flowers of some sort.  I got some of the seed pods from some of these plants as these are from right before you get to national park land.


A fern like plant that has flowers on it in the spring


Prickly Pear Cactus


Little Yucca plants


I think I counted 10 different plants growing in this small area on the rim trail


A pretty blue bird a jay of some type I’m sure posed prettily while we ate lunch.  This bush was right in back of our picnic table.



Colorado River

by Karen on September 27, 2011

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I forgot to post a photo of the quilt shop I visited in Moab I believe – a small building but nice fabric inside.


After my visit to the quilt shop on the 24th we wandered around town, had lunch out, wandered the shops and then we drover to the edge of town on the north side where the Colorado River is.  A nice bridge crossing the river for people walking and people riding bikes.  We even saw some rock climbers again.

One sees sunflowers all over the place in this country – most seem to get about 4 feet tall but I have seen some smaller and some taller.  I have collected dried heads of the flowers in public land areas to bring home with me to plant.  I do this when we travel – sometimes the flowers grow and some times they don’t – wish me luck on these sunflowers.


Wind sculptures on the side of one of the gift shops – it wasn’t windy but when there is a breeze they spin.


The bridge going across the river.


The bridge is nice and wide for people and bikes to share.


The river looking off to the west.


This river is quite dirty looking compared to the mountain rivers that I normally show photos of but yet in it’s own way it is pretty too.