I’m Trying To Not Be Confused


But when taking so many photos it is very difficult!!!  I am at the point where I don’t remember what we did yesterday(the 27th) and what we saw! These red rocks are all running together Smile

I love this rock in Arches – It is called “The Three Gossips” as soon as I heard that name I laughed and immediately thought of my sisters and I – there are 4 of us girls but 3 of us born straight in a row and then my little sister at the end of the dozen children Smile  When any of us get together we are talking all at once – usually it is just 3 of us at a time but sometimes 4.  Mike says it drives him nuts because we all talk at once but yet we follow the whole conversation.


We took a 2 mile hike yesterday that was very easy compared to some of the trails we have been on – this one is called “Park Avenue” the trail is in a wash – flash flood terrain – but as it is totally dry and no rain in sight perfectly safe to walk.


Another lizard – they sure move fast and you see a lot of them if you are watching for them.


Another view


Interesting the way the rock has the swirl marks from water when it has rushed through for years.


Some of the wash out areas still have water from when it rained here several weeks ago.


As you get to the end of Park Avenue the trail changes a little and is sandier and less rock


I love how this tree formed an Arch – and arch in Arches National Park – appropriate!


A very neat twist on a dead tree


This is being scheduled to post on 9/30/11 as I do not think we will have internet then – could be wrong – we are moving from Moab, Utah tomorrow on the 29th and start moving closer to the Grand Canyon and will be out of touch for several days I think.

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  • Diana Sep 30, 2011

    Karen, I am so enjoying your trip right along with you! You have posted some very pretty pictures. I am going to the Trinity Valley Quilt Guilds annual show tomorrow to get some inspiration. Hope you and Mike continue to have a safe trip.

    P. S. We actually got some rain in Ft. Worth last night!!!


  • lil red hen Sep 30, 2011

    I’m wondering, why do the trees twist this way? I’m also enjoying the trip with you. It seems one could get lost easily if there weren’t trails already laid out?

  • You are getting closer and closer to my home! Beautiful pictures. You have really captured Southern Utah.
    Nedra- Cactus Needle recently posted…Floribunda In RedMy Profile

  • Marie Sep 30, 2011

    I love the swirl patterns on the rock from the water. Very cool. Of course, all of your photos are wonderful. As others have said, I, too, am really enjoying your trip from afar. 😉
    Marie recently posted…Welcome Book Clubbers!My Profile

  • Tonni Sep 30, 2011

    The terrain is soooo different than what we have in Alabama. I’d love to see the area… one of these days 🙂
    Tonni recently posted…Weekend updateMy Profile

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