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Primitive Camping & Cooking

by Karen on October 1, 2011

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Wow – what can I say – this place is small but packed full of scenery and hikes.  We are about 75 miles southwest of Moab – it was a short drive yesterday.  We had planned on stopping a night or two at Goose Neck State Park but after some research we found that it is a primitive state park – no facilities other than an outdoor toilet.  That would have been ok but it is totally out in the sun with no shade whatsoever and also no hiking trails – only the scenery and really after an hour or two that gets a little boring.

Instead we made our way to the Natural Bridges National Monument but when we got here we found the camp ground to be small and full  – the ranger told us about a place we could camp for free – the BLM – (Bureau of Land Management) has areas set aside for primitive camping – no facilities – that means no toilets, no tables, no water.  You bring your own and pack out your trash.   This place though has some shade so that worked out well.  We had figured we would be camping at a place with no water so before leaving Moab we had filled the fresh water tank in the RV and filled 8 – gallon jugs of water – plus a case of 16 oz. water bottles.  We are doing fine here.  We are not alone.  There have been campers here every evening – some staying for more than one night like us.  They either know about the place or the ranger sends everyone down here when the campground is full.  It is not real crowded although last night we had a rather loud couple on one side of use, gone this morning though.

Here we are in our spot – a little tight but shady.  We put the table and chairs towards the back on the side.


Not quite level for the chairs and table but it is working out ok.  We are only here for two nights anyhow.


Mike chilling


Close by but not where we are sitting – a huge patch of cactus – we have a little patch closer to our door but they are half way under a tree so we are not in danger of stepping on them.


Some have asked how do I cook = we are not primitive even if we camp in primitive spots Smile  I have a two burner propane stove in the camper, I also have a propane grill and a propane camp stove to be used outside.  A microwave in the camper for when we are hooked up to electricity although truthfully I really do not use it much and could have used more cupboard space instead.

Getting our evening meal prepared – cooking will be outside.


Fresh green beans – steam them first to get them cooked a little – high altitude means things cook slower!  I just covered them with water and put the lid on the grill which has steam vents.


The set up – the grill and the table.  The grill (kind of like an electric skillet actually) (I don’t actually have a propane grill – it was too big and won’t fit in the storage area I have and takes up too much room in the car so it stays home)  comes apart for easy clean up and is non – stick service.


Worked out well, when the water evaporated away the beans were well on their way to being finished.  Then I added some olive oil and a little garlic and season to the beans, dribble a little oil on the other end of the pan and put in some roasted potatoes that are pre-cooked – comes in the freezer section in a bag.  I used about half of them.  Knowing I was going to use the potatoes today (the 30th) I took them out last night and put them in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator to thaw out – faster cooking that way.


When the veggies were almost done I added the steak – no fires allowed here, not even charcoal so this had to do.  One pan used so it was easy clean up with paper plates being used – one pan, cooking utensils and silver ware.


When we first started to camp at places with no hookups I had gotten a small coffee percolator.  I find them messy to clean up when you are watching how much water you use so this is what I came up with.  Coffee Filters and a hole punch!


Fold the filter – I like to double them up and use two at a time – I fold it in quarters then use the hole punch in the center.  Fits pretty good.  Then for clean up just dump in the trash – a little grounds will be left behind but not a lot.  Makes clean up much easier.


The view from our bedroom window the past two nights.


My “office” this evening – Mike is busy taking photos on a timer of the clouds moving, we have music playing on a portable Ipod player that we had charged up and we are enjoying the evening here.  We pull out in the morning heading to Arizona which because of the round about way the roads go — about 4 hours from our next campsite which is very near the Grand Canyon.


Next post will be on the terrific hike we took today – which has so many photos it might take 3 or 4 post to do it all!!!

Edited: 10/1/11 we are now in the Glen Canyon Dam area of Arizona by the town of Page.  We move to the Grand Canyon on Monday.  Has anyone besides Terri been getting comments from me intended for other people?  I have no idea why but two times that I replied to two different people the comment I sent got sent to the right person plus Terri — I haven’t a clue why that is happening and nothing I can do about it that I know of.  I use Word Press not Blogger so it is not a blogger problem.  I use Outlook for email and the comments from my blog go to my outlook box and I respond to the person from there by clicking on their message – their address is in the return area — I have no carbon copy going to Terri but yet she has received two of them — any ideas?


Dead Horse Point State Park

by Karen on October 1, 2011

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On our way back to the northern section of Canyonlands we decided to stop at this state park.  They had a nice visitor center/museum and we took several short walks around the park.

One of the main points of this park – the view!


Another view


An “arch” at the state park – I think we are seeing arches in everything now


Another view


Someone was having fun making some “cairn markers”


Someone made a vase for the flower


Someone asked how I am keeping an even skin tone – no burn – sunscreen – when we are hiking I put sunscreen on every hour, and I wear a hat.  I am careful about not burning I have been in remission from Lupus for 20 years and too much sun can cause a flare up.


Our time here in the Moab, Utah area is finished.  We leave in the morning 9/29/11 and we are moving closer to the Grand Canyon.  Doubtful I will have internet for the next two days at least so I have been scheduling posts once again.  I will be posting as I can.  This post gets me up to date on all my photos for this area of the trip!

We have actually had tv the last couple days and I was able to watch NCIS yesterday and Criminal Minds and CSI tonight!!  I miss not watching my regular shows every week with the new shows starting.  I like Ted Danson on CSI – so much better than Lawrence Fishburn – he might be a good actor in movies – but I did not like him in CSI and barely watched the show for the period of time he was in it.

Anyone know of a quilt shop in the Grand Canyon area :) I have yet to find something for my birthday!  We will be going through New Mexico after we get done with the Grand Canyon so maybe I can find something while we are going through that state if I don’t find something sooner!