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Navajo National Monument

by Karen on October 5, 2011

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A nice side trip on our way to Page Arizona.  We were driving along after the road got cleared up from the car accident up ahead of us and eventually came to a sign that said there was a Navajo National Monument park up ahead on a side road.  It was lunch time so we thought it would be a good place to take a break and see what was there.


A very nice visitor center was found!  We had lunch first then went in the center.  We saw a short film and saw all the pretty exhibits.  So much nice pottery!


Photos are through glass exhibit cases so some glare here and there.


This one is inside a replica building


At the back door of the visitor center you go out and take a hike if you wish to view a ancient cliff dwelling across the canyon.  The trail was less than a mile round trip so after sitting the morning in the motorhome we decided to take the trail.  We needed the exercise and had plenty of time to get to the next campsite.  I used my zoom lens and looked across the canyon and here about half way down the canyon in an arch like area is the dwelling.


The trail was nice with a lot of information about plants and the medical and resourceful uses the Indians and early settlers used then for along the way.  We talked to the Ranger back at the visitors center a bit to find out about the campgrounds for future reference and found out that our RV will fit ok in their sites, that the campground is usually not full and it is free!! How much better can it get.  Too bad we had already made a reservation for the weekend here in Page.  We will remember that for a future trip.  There are 3 hiking trails in this park so would be good for a two night stay.  They have water to fill your RV fresh water tank at the beginning of the campground, but other than that it is like most national parks in that there are no hookups at your campsite.

Now today the 2nd of October it is time to get ready for the day and see what this area has for us to see today in between errands to get ready for 6 days in the Grand Canyon.  This is basically what I call a lazy day – grocery store, laundry, sightseeing in the Glen  Canyon area and moving on tomorrow.  There is not a lot of time to see much but we will see what we can.


Traveling from Utah to Arizona

by Karen on October 5, 2011

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The scenery changed somewhat on the way to Arizona – the rocks are a different color and some places there are more trees!! Smile

One of the first of beautiful scenery that we saw after leaving our camp spot behind was this cut through the rock to lead a road through.  It was a hazy morning as you can see from the photos.


After about an hours drive or more we came to a halt in traffic.  There appeared to be an accident ahead.  Everyone had been shutting their car engines off and getting out to see if help was needed or to just stretch.  We got out to see what was going on and could see emergency vehicles ahead with lights flashing so knew our help was not needed.


I’m standing next to our RV taking this photo and as you can see the line is so long you can’t even see what was going on.  The previous photo I took by walking over to the side of the road and up a distance and used the zoom lens.  It appeared that the van half way in the ditch had over corrected, maybe taking eyes off of the road for a moment and in an instance was part way in the ditch.


One nice thing about having the RV is that I could use the bathroom for this unexpected break, get a snack, got my kindle out and read awhile while Mike was out taking his photos.

Eventually we all got going again and here we are crossing the Arizona state line – didn’t get a good photo of the sign – we are going through the Navajo Indian Reservation in this area.


written on 10/2/11 but drove through here on the 1st.  scheduled to post while we are in the Grand Canyon

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