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Indian Ruins and a Volcanic Park

by Karen on October 8, 2011

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Years ago – like  a thousand years ago this area near Flagstaff had a volcano that erupted.  Covering some area here is volcanic rock and a fine grainy sand that is black.  This is Sunset Crater.    This is what the area looks like.


This bird is a Stellar Jay – kind of like a Blue Jay but much darker.  You see this Jay in the western states a lot.


Spitting snow and then blue skies 30 minutes later.


About 20 minutes down the road is another park and the Indian Ruins are at this one.


You can walk right up to these but you do not climb on them.  They have strengthened them in places to help preserve the sites.


Another angle


A big area that might have been a place for playing games they say.


Built right around big boulders.


A tower room – it looks so nice outside but in actuality it was in the 40’s and windy as could be.


Heading back to camp and these clouds – right about where we are heading and yes we had more spitting snow when we got back to the campground.


We had hoped the weather would be better to go to the Grand Canyon but we are going to be driving up to the park Friday (7th) and Saturday (8th) to see it whether it is cold or not – I’ll  be taking photos I’m sure!  At least it is supposed to be not snowing so that is good Smile

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by Karen on October 8, 2011

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Well we had moved from the North Rim campground in the Grand Canyon to over near the south entrance (45 miles south) as they were going to get a couple inches of snow and in the 20’s at night.  We didn’t want to deal with that kind of weather – well the North Rim got about 4 inches of snow and might get down to 18 degrees tonight (the 6th)!!  So what happens today while we are out and about – a snow shower!


The mountain range near by – The San Francisco mountains had snow over night and more today – this I took from inside the car!  Look how low that snow is.  It sure was pretty – but October 6th!!!  We are at about 6,500 feet elevation.


Of course now we have had a little snow off and on today, it didn’t amount to anything but now instead of the night time temperatures being around 32 degrees tonight it is now maybe going to be down to 25 degrees.  The campground has shut off the water for the night and everyone had to fill up their water tanks or use the campground facilities for the night. We have a heater that keeps all the tanks above freezing so will be ok.   Water will be back on tomorrow when it gets above freezing.  This might happen tomorrow night as well.  At least it should get in the 50’s during the day.

Me today braving the winter weather – glad we knew we might have cold weather and brought a variety of clothing along.  If you look closely you can see the snow spitting.


Mike and I.  See that guy in the background  – the one with shorts!  What! it was something like 44 degrees and spitting snow.  Of course we have lived in the  high south for 31 years, I guess we are now really and truly from the south and Yankees no more!  It was cold to me.  The lady in the yellow jacket in the photo offered to take our photo together so we took her up on it.


I will do another post on this place we were visiting – this is Sunset Crater and the next one down the road was Wupatki National Monument.  These places are in the Flagstaff area.  Old Indian Ruins and Volcanic sites.