Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday

by Karen on October 12, 2011

in quilts

I have  been slowly working on my Kansas Dugout Blocks that I started right before we started to travel.  I had all my pieces cut out and bagged and now and then pick up in the evening and work on them. I have 89 blocks finished.  Head on over to Lee at Freshly Piecedand see what everyone else is working on.

My “design wall” is my bed in the camper Smile I am starting to run out of room – just about!  I can fit about another 4 or 5 rows on the right side there on the bed – I have 84 blocks left to make at least – I wonder if I cut enough white pieces and I also wonder if I will get done in the 9 days left on our trip!


I didn’t sew any today but this evening I did press and square up 20 blocks to add to what I had done.


A Drive, A Hike, Some Ruins

by Karen on October 12, 2011

in Travel

We were busy all day today.  We left camp around 9:30 this morning and headed to hills Smile  The Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument was our destination.   A very nice place to visit and we had a nice drive getting there.  I will start with the drive.

One of the first things of interest was seeing a plant on the side of the road – and then more and more of them.  It is called a Century Plant and it blooms once  and then dies!  It can live 10 to 30 years.  It does send off offshoots.  I think I will order one when we get home, Mike did a search and found a site that sells them!  Reasonable prices too.  I would dig one up off the side of the road if I could – but no shovel and I bet the tap roots are 5 feet deep :)


The drive – a curvy mountainous road of course!


Deer – photo taken from the car


An Albert Squirrel – cousin of the Kaibab Squirrel seen on the North Rim.  This one isn’t as dark but it does have the brown stripe on the back as the other one does and it’s tail is white and bushy also – but darker on the top of the tail.


More deer – a total of 10 seen today at least.


We didn’t see any of these – and I would rather be in the car if any are around!!


This is what he looks like – about 80 pounds of strength!


Now for hike —