Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Sunset

by Karen on October 16, 2011

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We took a walk this evening to view the lake that we are camped next to.  Not being from this area we have no idea what the lake level normally is but with the drought in the western states the water is low.

The trail to the lake.


The sunset


I loved how these clouds looked after the sun had set.  This was looking back at the boat dock as we headed back to the campground before it got dark – we hadn’t brought a flashlight with us and there were a lot of cactus/thorny type of plants around that I did not want to run in to!


Looking back at the sky just five minutes or so later!  what a difference in color – I don’t know which photo color I like better!


We are off to see the Carlsbad Caverns in the morning (16th) I have scheduled this and the previous post to post as I know we will be busy all day.  I will have photos of the caverns next!  I heard they are great.


Another Short Day on the Road

by Karen on October 16, 2011

in Travel

We left Alamogordo this morning and drove about 5 hours over to the Carlsbad New Mexico area.  It was a pretty drive for part of the way going through the mountains.  We went through what I refer to as “tall tree forest” compared to the desert short trees we have seen so much of Smile


Fall colors


Mountain Roads (they never make a mountain road straight!) of course if they were straight it would be very hard to drive “up” them!


Back to the desert about 60 miles before we got to the campground.


The campground we are at for two or three nights – we will make up our mind on Sunday (16th) if we will stay until Tuesday morning.  It is a nice campground so we might if there is enough to do around here.  (Someone just e mailed me that Carlsbad has 3 quilt shops so Mike might want us to leave Monday morning before the shops open LOL)


Our campsite – complete with a shelter from the sun!  How nice is that.  More bugs at this campground though than we have had in weeks Sad smile


This tree is like one that was at our campsite in Glen Canyon a couple weeks ago – I wonder if anyone knows the name of it – next photo close up of the leaves and seed pods.


In Glen Canyon the tree had some red/pinkish flowers on it – here no flowers but a lot of seed pods


One of two turtle doves (morning doves?) that were wandering around earlier