Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A New Iron

by Karen on October 25, 2011

in quilts

Well after reading all the good comments about irons I decided that the problem with the irons is the people who make them!! Smile  really why is it we all have the same problems with water leaking and spitting! I decided to go with another inexpensive iron and just not put water in as many suggested.  I picked up a spray bottle and will use that instead of steam.

This one is called a Shark.  I was just going to get the same as the one I have in the laundry room which is a sunbeam – (the same brand as the one that quite working) but they must have had a massive run on irons lately as they were almost out of irons!! I don’t think I have ever seen that before.


This one cost about $30.00 lets see how long it will last. I think I should write the date on the side of it with a sharpie and see!  Now before my iron in the laundry room stops working (it is pretty new I just got it this summer) I should get a bottle of distilled water and keep it with the iron so no other water goes in it and see what happens.  (that iron was inexpensive too)


Ready to Quilt

by Karen on October 25, 2011

in quilts

This little quilt moved quickly once we got home from our trip.  The first couple days whenever I was sitting down taking breaks I was picking up needle and thread and a block and hand stitching away.  40 small blocks got done quickly – after all it was just two little seams for each block.  On the weekend and Monday I quickly got the machine piecing done and got the top put together. 

Last night I had it all tacked to the floor and dumped my jar of basting pins out and watched an old NCIS while pinning. On the wall before it went to the floor.


T-tacks pin the backing to the floor to stretch tight.  I use quilters dream 100% cotton batting and it folds out so nice and easily – just lay it out and smooth over the backing.  The wrinkles come out easily.  Place the top on and smooth it and start pinning.  When using quilters dream you will find it all seems to stick together easily and pinning goes quickly.


All ready to quilt!  This will be my take along project to groups for awhile – I have more than enough to keep me busy here at home but I had nothing ready to take to work on at quilt groups.


Some of you might have forgotten this quilt that is on my big frame.  A year ago one of my many nieces asked me to make a signature quilt for her wedding.  It took awhile to get all the signatures gathered up and then to ready the wedding photos.  It went on the quilt frame awhile ago but we weren’t home for awhile.  I am back to work on it now – she knew when she asked for it that it wouldn’t arrive overnight to her.  I even warned her she wouldn’t get it for the first anniversary which is coming up in a couple of weeks – sorry!  You will get it sometime this winter though I think.