Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Inspiration to Make More

by Karen on October 27, 2011

in quilts

Even though I am currently working on 3 quilts – with one more (the Farmers Wife) currently stuck away until I feel like working on it again – and 3 large quilts waiting in line to be quilted – and lets not forget the Red and Green applique quilt waiting for the border to be added – I am already thinking – “What is Next”  I bet I am not the only one out here in quilt-land like this Smile

My inspiration for the next and the next and the next — currently residing on my fabric shelves:








This stack is going to be going in the Joseph’s Coat quilt so it is currently on the table so it won’t be used for anything else:


as you can see currently nothing on the shelves are arranged by color – it used to be be Smile with tongue out but I kind of didn’t put pieces back where they belonged this past year and now it is a bit out of order (color order that is).  Maybe a winter project will be to arrange by color?  Looking at all this fabric on the shelves is my inspiration to continuing finishing quilts so I can start new ones – because I do not like to have too many ufo’s I refuse to start anymore  until I at least finish one of the current works in progress!