Monday, October 31, 2011

I Should Have Looked LOL

by Karen on October 31, 2011

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Do you remember last week that my iron stopped working and I bought a new one?  Well I should have remember that I sometimes put extra items that I am not using for some reason or other out in the workshop on several shelves.  I store extra kitchen items out there that are either duplicates or too big and/or rarely used so they are out of my way – I have a small kitchen and not a lot of extra storage space.

Today I am getting the back of the car loaded with things that I am donating to Good Will.  I got done with the things in the house and thought to go out to the workshop to check and see if there was anything out there that I really and truly no longer needed or wanted.

Look what I found a perfectly good inexpensive iron!  I remember now putting it out there but had totally forgotten about it.  (I remember the big soup pot was out there and the extra laundry basket)


I also found an extra tea kettle:


And an extra coffee pot – a little dirty from being out in the work shop with dust flying and all  but it would clean up just fine if I need it and it still works!


Some of the duplicates are from when we had the big 5th wheel camper – I had bought things to just keep out there – using a smaller camper meant I didn’t have as much storage space so I got smaller items for it. Extras got put in the workshop.  Sometimes I get extras if we see a small appliance that I like better and then the old one gets put away in case we need it.

Do you all do that too – forget to look and see if you stuck something away before buying a new one?

Before I forget on the subject of collecting things to donate for Goodwill — do any of you visit Victoria’s site Bumble Beans ?  Victoria and the group she works with are trying to collect up quilts that they donate to people down on their luck.  They have been homeless for various reasons and are helped to find a home to live in.  When each family moves into their home they are given a quilt – I believe that is the way it works – she explains it all here at this site Bumble Beans Basics.  Quilter Pat Sloan is helping her out with the drive to collect 700 quilts which are going to be given away close to the end of November. If you have an extra quilt that you made and doesn’t have a new home yet you might want to think of sending it her way.  I have two children’s quilts boxed up and ready to send off to her tomorrow.


Design Wall Monday

by Karen on October 31, 2011

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Thanks for the responses yesterday.  Yes a lot of times it is the combination of color and pattern that draws me to a pattern and I go with that as much as I can if I have the colors available to me – I will change a pattern up more than I will change the color sometimes.  I don’t think I chose color as well as some people do.

Today in between doing other things I will start to cut out pieces for the applique that goes onto the table runner.  I don’t care for the the table runner as is.  But then I am sure it was the applique that drew me to it to begin with Smile  The color on the outside edge shown in the photo (in the book) is more of a olive brown but I didn’t have that shade.  I thought I did but there wasn’t enough so I chose this one instead.


I’m still trying to decide on the shades of fabric for the applique that runs along the outside edge all the way around the runner.  The pieces selected and sitting on the right hand side are what I have picked out right now – I might change my mind.  This pattern is much more of a “homespun”  “folk art?” look  you could say than what I normally pick out so it is a little out of my normal range.  I try now and then to make something out of my usual range of likes.

I have all the freezer paper templates cut out for the applique – and no I am not using any fusible and ironing them down.  I will be glue basting and needle turning.  I do not find it enjoyable to try to applique by machine.  It would turn out really sloppy if I did that.  For the quilting I might try the Pearle cotton thread that so many are using right now – I haven’t decided – that is always done in much bigger stitches than I do so I am not sure if I want to do that.

Why don’t you all run on over to Judy at A Patchwork Times and see what others are making.