Dead Horse Point State Park


On our way back to the northern section of Canyonlands we decided to stop at this state park.  They had a nice visitor center/museum and we took several short walks around the park.

One of the main points of this park – the view!


Another view


An “arch” at the state park – I think we are seeing arches in everything now


Another view


Someone was having fun making some “cairn markers”


Someone made a vase for the flower


Someone asked how I am keeping an even skin tone – no burn – sunscreen – when we are hiking I put sunscreen on every hour, and I wear a hat.  I am careful about not burning I have been in remission from Lupus for 20 years and too much sun can cause a flare up.


Our time here in the Moab, Utah area is finished.  We leave in the morning 9/29/11 and we are moving closer to the Grand Canyon.  Doubtful I will have internet for the next two days at least so I have been scheduling posts once again.  I will be posting as I can.  This post gets me up to date on all my photos for this area of the trip!

We have actually had tv the last couple days and I was able to watch NCIS yesterday and Criminal Minds and CSI tonight!!  I miss not watching my regular shows every week with the new shows starting.  I like Ted Danson on CSI – so much better than Lawrence Fishburn – he might be a good actor in movies – but I did not like him in CSI and barely watched the show for the period of time he was in it.

Anyone know of a quilt shop in the Grand Canyon area 🙂 I have yet to find something for my birthday!  We will be going through New Mexico after we get done with the Grand Canyon so maybe I can find something while we are going through that state if I don’t find something sooner!

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  • Caron Mosey Oct 1, 2011

    I’ve really enjoyed your trip, Karen! So has my husband, who visited that area on a college hiking trip out west. He keeps looking at the pics saying, “HEY! I’ve been there!!!” Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!
    ~Dean and Caron Mosey
    Caron Mosey recently posted…Durand Quilt Show 2011My Profile

  • Marie Oct 1, 2011

    Stunning views. I agree with you regarding CSI and Ted Danson. I liked Fishburn, but I love (make that really love) Danson. We didn’t watch the show much after Peterson left. However, after seeing just one show with Danson, I actually think he’s better than Peterson. We’ll be tuning in every week.
    Marie recently posted…Welcome Book Clubbers!My Profile

  • Karen Oct 1, 2011

    Thank you more wonderful views. There is so much to see!
    Good luck with your fabric shopping but sorry I can’t help you with quilt shops!
    Karen recently posted…Just Stitching Along.My Profile

  • Karen Oct 1, 2011

    I wouldn’t want to bother with an umbrella for shade – I need my hands free.

  • Gwynette Oct 2, 2011

    Danson is perfect on CSI!!! Hey, girl, I bought lots of fabric for MY birthday… actually enough for both of us, since we have the same B/D. I didn’t find any shops near the Grand Canyon, but a couple in Wyoming and Montana, so no help to you right now. Keep having fun!!

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