The North Rim


EDITED:  somehow when scheduling posts I totally over looked this one that I wrote up so I am posting it now out of order but there you go Smile

It is beautiful – but rainy, chilly, and not a lot to do because of it!!  We knew there was rain in the weeks forecast but I was hoping they there wrong of course.  No such luck.  Yesterday it rained most of the afternoon and then cleared up by evening.  This morning (the 4th) it started out looking beautiful – the sun was shinning it was quite chilly but with a sky like that one can hope the forecast was wrong – wrong – by noon or so it was rainy and never warmed up – I think the high was 51 today.  I do feel for all the tent campers out here but I guess they are tent camping because they want to.

Last night I got some sewing done!  Wow the first I have touched my Kansas Dugout Blocks in close to a week I bet – it was just too chilly to sit outside if you didn’t have to.  I think I got about 8 blocks pieced but will wait to press and square up.


Our campsite this morning before the rain started once again.  We haven’t even put out our chairs as the weather just isn’t good for it.


We took a drive this morning to a pretty area of the park that has overlooks of the canyon.  Aren’t these aspen trees gorgeous.


And more – there had been a forest fire here in the year 2000 but there are still a lot of trees here, in some areas they are just really short but growing.


One of the first views that we had from an overlook.  It looks gorgeous, blue skies, but keep in mind I had a shirt on, flannel shirt, and a fleece jacket and gloves!!


Climbing a bit more in altitude we see this window in the rock – I believe it was called “Angel Window” there is a walk way out above it overlooking the canyon – that is the way we were going.


Some of the canyon


Looking down at the canyon floor


On the top of the canyon along the edges where the views are the trees are back to be smaller twisted trees.  I like  how this one grew.


The overlook above the “angel window”


Looking down at the canyon from the overlook


Another view.


About now the wind was starting to pick up and the clouds were starting to move it.  Shortly after we left this area to start driving back to the campground for lunch it started to rain and rain off and on for part of the afternoon.  It is in the high 40’s right now and not going to get any higher!!

This is a view close to the campground.  Hope for a better day tomorrow!!


This evening we made a reservation at the lodge dinning room for something different!  I hope the food is good, the lodge is pretty and will be a nice change from the camper for our evening meal – I’ll let you know how it goes Smile

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