November 2011

No Shopping For Me

by Karen on November 25, 2011

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Do you try to get in on the Black Friday Sales (after Thanksgiving to those of you not in the states – might not know what I mean) – I have never gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving in the very early morning as some do.  I have once in awhile gone in the afternoon after the crowds are gone.  Today – no shopping Smile  we went to Downtown Madison instead and wandered around some museums and then cut across the capital grounds to a restaurant called “The Great Dane” – good place!

A photo of our younger daughter and family – the ones we are currently visiting.  They have lived here in Wisconsin near Madison for almost 5 years now.


The grandchildren goofing off at the History Museum on a tractor available for children to try out sitting on and playing with the gears.


I saw this little machine behind glass at the history museum – it is a singer but what model? couldn’t get close.  The sign by it said it was from 1886.


the kids listening to a video on times in the 1800’s


A pretty quilt -


Info on the quilt above.


We were back home in time to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks game which had begun to record, but we got caught up with it – I watch football but I am not a fanatic – I got bored with it and came here to the computer instead. (they lost anyhow) I did get more of the table runner worked on – some progress on that – I will get a photo of it tomorrow.  I’m not sure what we are doing the last day here – looks like rain.


Featherweight At Work

by Karen on November 24, 2011

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The little featherweight had a work out today – my nine year granddaughter finished a doll quilt that she started last year.  Most of the little quilt was hand pieced.  Right here she is putting on the final borders.


We decided that if she was going to finish this little project that it would be machine quilting – just to get it done!!  Kind of the blind leading the blind seeing as I have not done many that way.  I had no safety pins along with me.  Quilters Dream batting was used so most of the time the fabric and the batting held together pretty well.  We have a little bit of wrinkles on the back but it isn’t bad.


Ciera attaching the final borders and did the machine quilting – I showed her how to do the first little bit and then she took over and did it herself.  I got the binding on for her and the hand stitching – done!

Ciera and her scrappy hand pieced (almost all of it) done mostly by herself with a little help from her mom during the past year.  I haven’t a clue if she will ever want to do this again, but she has tried it and now I will sit back and see if she shows interest in doing more.


Some of the Thanksgiving feast.


The pretty table.


Grandson Utah watching tv after getting home from hunting with his dad – no lucky but there is always another day for that.


Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.


A Relaxing Walk

by Karen on November 22, 2011

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A relaxing walk through a shopping mall that is  – around 5 PM so it wasn’t busy in the least.  Smile just the way I like it.  We got half way to our daughters and that was it for today – we just do not do long, long drives anymore – 7 hours was plenty. 

We decided to get a little exercise by walking through a shopping mall.  This mall was really kind of nice as malls go (I’m not a mall person anymore).  Most of the shops were outlets – but I wasn’t shopping, I was just walking.  The only store I was interested in was Cabela’s.  If you are not familiar with it – this is an outdoor retail store.  You can buy all kinds of camping equipment, hunting, ect. (kind of like the Bass Pro Shop)  For those of you in Arkansas or Missouri – northwest Arkansas in Rogers will have a Cabelas in the upcoming summer.

Their catalog has a pair of flannel lined jeans for women – I wanted to find a pair to try on see how they feel – find out what size I wear – you know how jeans are for women – different size depending on what brand they are – frustrating to say the least.  If you order on line, you never know what size to get!

Couldn’t find them – finally found a sales lady and asked her – they aren’t putting them out until after Thanksgiving!  darn it, I guess I will have to order after all – I think I will order two sizes and see which one fits and send the one back that doesn’t fit.

Some of Cabela’s that is fun to look at:

an aquarium with big turtles in it.


Displays of  animals (dead of course – taxidermy)



Oh well, looked around and continued on our walk and then back to the hotel after we stopped and ate – hit the road again tomorrow.  Only a little bit of rain today, last night at home == 5 inches!! enough already.

Have a great holiday all of you in the US.



by Karen on November 21, 2011

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I was able to give the quilt on the big frame another crank down and the end is about in sight.  One more turn of the crank and the final border will be completely in sight!


I would say I am 2/3rd’s of the way done.  This is not a really large quilt.  I don’t remember the what size this quilt is!  I would have to go back in my post’s to find it.  I do know that it is right under 60 inches wide, I think – not sure – that it is around 75 inches long at least.

Arkansas is getting more rain than it needs right now.  Luckily the worst of it missed us but the Little Rock area has had plenty to the point of some flash flooding in areas.  We are having rain as I type – hopefully it will not be bad storms.

We leave in the morning for Wisconsin for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am of course bringing my computer along as I don’t leave it behind for more than a day Smile  hmm wonder if we will have any snow up north while we are visit our daughter, son in law and our two extra special grandchildren?  I’ll bring a pair of boots just in case – and my gloves and winter jacket!


Design Wall Monday

by Karen on November 21, 2011

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EDITED:  I have had several ask me about this pattern for the table runner it is in Kim Schaefer book Quilts from Textured Solids the link goes to Amazon so you can see what it looks like.  She might have a site or it might be located at your local quilt shop if you have one.

Now that the quilting is done on the small quilt –small to me – I have been told by some that “Looking Through the Fence” is a big quilt – to me 56 x 56 is small because most of the time in the past I have almost always made queen size or twin size quilts –so couch size, child size is small Smile anyhow I got away from what I was saying.

The binding needs to be hand stitch as I said yesterday – this will be a Thanksgiving project while visiting our daughter.  Today I will be working on the table runner in between getting ready for the trip.  I will take it along as well and work on it if I finish the binding.  Joseph’s Coat will wait until we return.  So head on over to Judy at Patchwork Times and see what everyone else has on their design wall/floor/table Smile

Here is a photo if you have forgotten what I was making – it has been awhile!


This is so totally not my normal style but I thought it would look good on the coffee table after the holidays.  I have one more blue flower on the right side to applique down then to start on the sides.  I will need to put a big pottery jug in the center to make it look good – something with bright flowers in it.


I just sat these side applique pieces down so you can see what colors I am using – these are glue basted into units and will be appliqued starting with the blue and then going towards the centers.  This is a big table runner – I left two of the center width rows of checks off the center so it would fit my table without it hanging over the edges.  I think it will be 48 inches x 22 inches.  This blue on the applique pieces is actually darker than it looks in this photo – it is a blue/purple mottled type of fabric so there will be a variation in color.


If I decide this table topper is so totally not me I will hand it off to someone!  The family is so big, I’m sure someone would want it.


Close to Finish

by Karen on November 20, 2011

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I got done with the quilting this morning and got the binding sewed down this afternoon.  Only the hand stitching remains and I will work on that off and on while visiting with family during this Thanksgiving week holiday.  Hand Pieced/Hand Quilted – finished quilt after washing will be around 56 x 56 inches I think.


With a little of the binding pinned in place:


I’m glad to get this one just about finished now – another finish for the year.  Now to get back to work on Joseph’s Coat – I have neglected it the last week or so while finishing this one up – and lets not even talk about the table runner I started and haven’t touched in recent weeks – somehow that one got put aside and forgotten – I will have to get to work on that one too.