Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Off of the Frame, On To The Hoop

by Karen on December 14, 2011

in quilts

tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt32_jpgAlmost always when I get to that little bit of quilt left to quilt on the big frame I take it off and bring it into the living room to finish up on the hoop.  I get tired of sitting and stretching at the big frame.  One reason is the way it is pinned to the frame.

The side pieces that you stretch your top to no longer fit right and for a 3 roller (mine that is) you pin your quilt top to the back roller and your backing and batting on on the middle roller.  You always have an inch or so of top pinned to the leader ( I believe it is called) because of that you can’t quilt through that area unless you un-pin it and pin it to the backing and batting.


Like this – then of course it doesn’t always stretch right.


So then I say to heck with it, and unpin it from the frame entirely -


Get comfy on the couch with the hoop and get busy doing the last hours of quilting!!  It is so much more comfy sitting on the couch then in the back room on the office chair leaning this way and that.  But for the most part of the year a big old quilt is just too warm to have draped all over me while quilting so I make due and quilt most of it on the big 3 roller and then finish on the hoop.


The next quilt for the frame!!  Star Crazy made last year and finished up in January I think.  I did decide that if I have enough of the off white border fabric that I will add another piece all around about 9 inches in width to make this a wider/longer quilt to fit the bed.  It will have aqua binding matching the other parts of the border.  I need to measure the fabric that I have and I will start on that soon – the weekend most likely.  Why – because I can’t stand an empty frame!! I have too much stuff stashed and stored underneath it and don’t like it to show.  This frame doesn’t fold to the wall so it stands out all the time so might just as well have a quilt decorating it.  This quilt has been folded up so I will let the wrinkles ease out somewhat and then give it another pressing before it goes on the frame and after I add that next border on to it.


The backing fabric (I need to measure that too and make sure it is big enough for a larger quilt.  I think it is but I have to make sure before I add borders to the quilt as I’m not buying another backing!  I need to press it first and make sure the top and bottom are straight – it really helps to get it on the frame straight!  I will try to remember to do a post on the steps taken to put a quilt on the big 3 roller to get ready to quilt.


I made up a gift basket for my mom and decorated it this morning.  I also ran around town for just a little bit picking up a few more things to tuck in the basket like a gift card and tiny presents.


And some flower bulbs with the pot and soil right in the package – I will get that planted for her tomorrow while we visit – she will be able to watch them grow over the next several months.  My mom is one of those people who are unlucky enough to have her birthday and Christmas in the later part of the month (or is that lucky?) – her birthday is the 16th and she will be 87 years old.  I will take her out for lunch and we will do some shopping too.