Friday, December 30, 2011


by Karen on December 30, 2011

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Now that we have our tv organized I was able to make a little order out of some quilts. I’m using the ottoman that we never use to stack quilts on – I have more to put over there, but I will go through them over the next couple days and add more to the pile.  Kind of looks like I need to clean up those book shelves on the end too – somehow all those old photo albums just get thrown on the shelves and they get messy.  We hardly even look at those anymore – I guess one day we need to get busy scanning and ditch the old photos.


Since I have gotten my kindle last year I haven’t bought any hard or soft copy books other than quilting or cookbooks.  I need to go through the shelves more and donate even more books and clean the shelves from all the little knick knacks that no longer mean anything to us and clean it up a bit.

The TV and all the equipment that goes with it is now organized and hooked up.  I think this is the year to de-clutter!!  I look around and we have so many little things all over the places, picture frames ect. I like a little of course but I have gone over board and need to put some away as I get more current photos.


Do you all have a lot of “stuff” hanging around your house too?  What do you do with it when you want to de-clutter.  I can say I want to de-clutter – but what do I do with it! Smile


Plans do Change Don’t They

by Karen on December 30, 2011

in quilts

I was going to spend the day working on both quilting projects yesterday and make some progress – not!  I did hardly any sewing.  I hadn’t planned on taking down Christmas decorations yesterday but that is what we ended up doing.  We decided to reorganize our tv entertainment center which was made up of an old end table turned sideways and a big ottoman.  We had the tv on the wall and it didn’t swivel.

Off to Wal-Mart we went as we didn’t want anything really expensive – we just needed to organize it better!  We found what we wanted and then back home to put the Christmas things away (Me mainly – Mike carried the packed boxes to the work shop for storage)  so we could get it put together.  I say “WE” – I mean “Mike” put the unit together.   I watched now and then, and finally got a little quilting done while he was working on that.  Never finished yesterday but it will get done today.

So far this is what it looks like.  It is currently sitting almost in the middle of the living room.  All the items with wires still need to be put on the shelves.  And of course the wires need to be done up with some twisty things.   I need vacuum behind this space before we push the unit back up to the wall.  I want to fold some quilts and display them on the big ottoman which will be in the corner of the room and out of the way (we don’t use it).


It looks big in the center of the room, but actually it isn’t – just the photo I guess – it puts the tv up a little higher than we had it – I’m sure once it is moved to the spot it will be we will see that it actually takes up less room.  The old end table will go out to the work shop in storage.  I hope to have this space organized by the end of the day.

But first – I skipped exercising yesterday so I will go exercise this morning and a couple errands to run then back home and get busy.

I asked yesterday when do you take down your holiday decorations:  It sounds like a lot of people take their Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas, another bunch of you New Years Eve or day after New Years and some of you hang on to them for awhile into February!

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