Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Must Admit

by Karen on January 5, 2012

in quilts, Red & Green Traditional Applique

I am loosing interest in only working on two projects at a time already and the year is just started.  I have been working on only two projects for about 2 or 3 weeks now I guess.  The plan yesterday was to quilt on Star Crazy – instead I barely worked on it for more than 30 minutes.

Instead I got the Red and Green Applique quilt out – I blame this on my friend Regina (no blog) Smile – she called me the other day to find out if I had gotten a cold and was skipping out on quilting tonight or was I feeling well and going tonight.  I never did get the cold so I was planning on going quilting.  What to work on though – I have no handy easy to bring along project right now.  Regina thought I needed to get started with the applique on the Red and Green then I could be bringing it along to work on.  I will not have any applique ready for tonight but yesterday I got the Red and Green out and put the border on it!!  Now to figure out what to applique.

Folded in quarters with the border on it.  Yes a nice big wide border, plenty of room for vines and flowers, maybe some tiny circles too – it doesn’t matter how long it takes to make the border – I don’t have time to quilt it right now anyhow!  This makes the quilt about 100 inch square.  Once I glue baste some pieces on it I can bring it to groups and have something to work on.


I have my books out to start getting ideas for a border – one might say most of the rules say to applique your pieces on first then attach your border to your quilt.  Well I don’t follow the rules you should know that by now.  I like to get the border on and then start playing with placement – I kind of just start to scatter things here and there, I don’t want them to all be a perfect match on all sides – I like it looser I guess – more free spirit.  It really isn’t that hard to work on applique on a border when it is attached to the quilt – just fold it right and the border is right there on the ends and easy to work with – I will show a photo later on and you can see what I mean.

My books to get ideas from and yes the stack of pieces for Joseph’s Coat – I need to sit on the floor later today and lay these out and get the next pieces ready for lay out.


This was going to be the next red – but after looking at it for a little while this morning – I think not – there is hardly any color change at all!! They look almost identical!


This one has more change in it – yes I know hard to tell from the photos but on my table you can see the color change – in the first photo if I step back and shut off the light I can’t see the melon shape sitting on it that is how close to the same color they are.

In this this second photo I step away from the table-the light is shut off and I am about 3 or 4 feet from the table and I can still see the melon – that might not be the way the experts make their decisions but it works for me Smile


I will get enough pieces cut out and pinned so that I can bring about 6 to 10 pieces with me to work on this evening – we really talk more than we sew anyhow.  Everyone that has something finished brings show and tell and we are looking and talking and really very little sewing gets done.

I still need to make time to quilt for at least 30 minutes today on Star Crazy so I don’t loose my momentum on it – it will be a challenge – I guess I better get out of this robe and get busy – exercise first even though the place will be busy – I need to get it done and out of the way, I won’t have time later.