Friday, January 6, 2012

Deciding Quilt Designs

by Karen on January 6, 2012

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One of the hardest things about quilting I think is deciding what to put in the big open spaces – this  can be especially hard if you do not pay attention to precise accurate piecing – like yours truly – me!  I should know by now that it is easiest to redo a block right away instead of shrugging it off and putting it in the quilt when it isn’t completely square – I’m bad, what can I say.  A lot of the little 1 inch squares in Star Crazy I find are not 1 inch!!  That means putting a grid on the quilt to quilt really shouldn’t be done because it will make it more noticeable.

So I have been experimenting the last couple days and drawing things on the quilt, stand back and look at it, come back and look some more – then get it wet to get the blue marks off and try again when it is dry.

Right now this is what I have and I will be working around this in some way.  I think I will carry the “stair step” type design out in the big open areas as it doesn’t rest directly next to the squares and therefore one hopes the unevenness of them won’t be as noticeable.  I think I will do the next lines at about an inch out from the ones drawn and see how that looks.


Joseph’s Coat is coming along and got a bit pieced last night and again this morning at the weekly group –


65 degrees today!! are we sure it is winter?


A Little Show and Tell

by Karen on January 6, 2012

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Last night was our once a month quilt group meeting.  A lot of show and tell.  I have no idea who most of these quilts belong to!  It was a large group and a lot of the quilts were laid out before I got there.  Some of the group is making a quilt where the center is each person’s choice then the names of two borders are drawn out of a bag and everyone adds those borders to their quilt and make it as large as they want.  I am not doing that – I have enough to work on as it is.  So a lot of the small pieces that I will show – those are centers for the quilts they are making.

This one belongs to CJ








This one belongs to Dee – much more to come it will be a queen size.


Another of Dee’s



One of Regina’s blocks for her Civil War Bride quilt – she is in the middle of appliqueing it.


This one belongs to Ruth



I need to pay closer attention to names – we have had quite a few new ladies join the group the last several months – need some stick on name tags Smile