Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Cover Up Mistakes

by Karen on January 8, 2012

in circles, quilts

Now I know a lot of quilters – me included – make mistakes.  We don’t always point them out and sometimes we hope no one else will notice them.  We don’t always take close up photos of our mistakes – but  – I wanted to share this with you all because I know what has been happening with my Joseph’s Coat quilt might be something that would make some quilters toss it in their UFO pile and be so put out about it that they would never finish it.  I love my Joseph’s Coat quilt but I have been having a lot of trouble with the centers of the designs. So I’m sharing.  So as one quilter to others I am sharing my mistakes and showing what can be done to fix it – call it a learning experience Smile

Here are photos of some of the centers so you can see what I mean – some are pretty good, some aren’t – this one is one of the better ones!


Kind of off but I can live with it.


This one has a little hole in it – now I could do a applique stitch and pull it in and it might work, but I have more of these scattered around.  This happens when you have so many oval shapes coming together in the middle.


This one –oops what happened here!  doesn’t look good at all, needs to be taken apart and fixed or maybe just covered up!


One could fix all these centers up by covering them up!! Circles to the rescue Smile


The black circles look good on all the colors.  It kind of makes it look like Daisy Chains.


The red diagonal row is pressed in sections and ready to be sewed together to form the next diagonal row.


The moral to this story is don’t let your piecing mistakes turn a quilt into a UFOtake a look at your quilt top and see if there is a fix for it that you can live with and make it into a quilt that you love enough to finish it.  This quilt is perfect for the circle fix – some quilt tops you can fix by placing an applique flower over a mistake or 5 or 6 flowers scattered though out – over the mistakes and in other places so it looks intentional – whatever it needs to fix it and still look good.  If you do not want to take time to go back over things taking pieces apart and re-sewing make a fix!

Looks like I will be making a lot of circles – but they are fun to make – here is a tutorial I did several years ago on my method.