Sunday, January 15, 2012

Was a Busy Projects Day

by Karen on January 15, 2012

in quilts

Yesterday I got done with quilting, cutting, appliqueing circles, prepping circles.  Like I say a busy day and I’m sure it will continue on today.

Circles – some are all prepped and waiting for me to press today.  Last night I was enjoying some tea made in the little teapot that my daughter Melanie gave me for Xmas  – the little tea cup goes with it.


4 1/2 rows of circles on the quilt top – when I get caught up on circles I will be added them as I put the rows on the quilt.


The next red to get ready some time today – I plan on cutting today.  Background pieces cut out for several diagonal rows I think.  The black is for the circles.


Star Crazy — This side is quilted and back to the middle – I will probably take today off of quilting though and give my fingers a break.  I will need to start doing that more often I am getting a lot of dry skin in areas and need to get some healing in.  This area on the side does look wrinkled and not pulled tight, it is ok though really, I loosened it up a little while I was quilting so it is easier to get the needle through.  Any thing that isn’t perfect will look fine after it is washed and dried and has the shrinkage affect in it.


So today and tomorrow I think I will be working on more circles for Joseph’s Coat and cutting red melon pieces.  I might get started putting the Farmer’s Wife blocks together as well seeing as I should take a day off of quilting.