Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Farmer’s Wife

by Karen on January 17, 2012

in quilts

I am leaving bright and early in the morning with my daughter – who actually has a day off for a change! – to go visit with my mom and youngest sister for most of the day.  So I am scheduling this post – any comments that need to be approved will be done so in the evening.

Instead of a nice warm day it is going to be cold!  Here the high is around noon I believe and in the 50’s – up there – what the heck – 38 for a high and that is around 7 AM!  I think it will be about 32 degrees when we head for home.  It is sometimes hard to believe what a cold front can do, putting one part of the state in the 30’s and 100+ miles away in the 50’s.

Thank you Nedra for posting on your blog that you were turning your 50 Farmers Wife’s blocks into a quilt and setting on point.  That got me thinking of my 20 that I had finished in the middle of last year and not touched since.  I just did not want them hanging around waiting for more blocks to be done.

I have been working off and on the past several days on the Farmer’s Wife and it is complete – not perfect – but complete.  Finished size is 52 inches x 65 inches.  Not perfect I say because those darn setting half square triangles on the sides went and stretched a little bit and I was too lazy to take the offending ones out and re-do.  My excuse – this is not a show quilt – and I use the 100% cotton batting that shrinks up just a little bit and gives it that vintage look – it will not be all that noticeable after it is quilted, washed and dried.


The border – 1 1/2 inches of the same white used in the quilt, 1/2 inch of Fairy Frost reddish/orange and 2 inches of black. (these are finished size measurements)


If you want a show quilt do not do as I do – fix the offending areas immediately Smile but if you just want to have fun and make quilts like I do – don’t worry about it!!  There is too much to do in life without stressing out over your quilts.

The only UFO’s I still have hanging around my house are 2 Little Brown Bird blocks which will be turned into something before the end of the year and the Pineapple paper piecing blocks that I intend to make more of this year.  Also on the list of course is the applique border for the Red and Green Quilt and quilts to be quiltedare they counted as UFO’s I wonder – the tops are made so in that respect they are not unfinished – but they need to be quilted.

Next up this week – I need to baste some batting together to have a piece big enough for this quilt.  I know I have several fairly good pieces in the bag that I save them in.  After Christmas I got rid of a lot of the small pieces by using them for wrapping some of the decorations in for storage.  I still have some good size pieces though to use up.  Then I need to piece a backing, I have no wide backs and I’m not going to buy any.  I want to get this quilt pin basted and then start having this be my quilt group project for awhile and continue at home quilting Star Crazy and working on Joseph’s Coat.  By Wednesday my fingers should be healed enough to once again get back to quilting.