Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Color Added

by Karen on January 22, 2012

in quilts

I got to thinking yesterday about the fact that I will be at my mom’s about 2 days this week.  I had to get sewing stuff ready for the week  – I won’t bring any sewing for the day that she is in the hospital, too many people around and talking so much!  We will be in and out anyhow and Mike and I will only be there part of the day.   But for the two days at her apartment I had intended to just bring the Farmer’s Wife to quilt – then I remembered how warm she keeps it there.  It might be too hot to quilt – I will bring it and if I get too warm I can set it aside and work on Joseph’s Coat.

So I spent several hours in between doing laundry cutting out and pinning the next row yesterday.    Another red added-


Looking down at the row added.


When looking at the new color added to the last color it looks orangey to me, because it is by the carpet? I don’t know so I brought two pieces in to the dinning area table and the contrast between the colors is better in here I think.


I pin segments together and stack on the sandpaper board covered in felt.  I start at the bottom of the quilt and work my way up.  Then when I piece as I finish I stack from the top of the quilt to the bottom.  Then start putting that row together.  This really helps to keep things organized and sew the correct pieces together.


I don’t know if any of you remember that when first started this quilt I knew I wouldn’t have enough of my background fabric – the right hand side of the photo.  I ordered more but they didn’t have the same color so I ordered a different light green which turned out much darker than I wanted it to be.  I bleached it, and didn’t quite care for it so then I tea dyed it! Smile then it was kind of peachy – but I wasn’t going to try anymore.  I figured that if the quilt had graduated colors than the background could too.  In this row I am starting to use the fabric on the left for the background and you can’t even see it when it is laid out on the carpet – weird.


I finally found one lighting source in the house where I could see the difference on the quilt but I figured if I hadn’t had to try so hard it was not going to be so noticeable of a difference in color that it wasn’t  going to matter in this quilt.