I had so many compliments yesterday about the Joseph’s Coat quilt – thanks.  There were too many to reply to!

It will be a little while before the next sections are finished and ready to add to what is already there.  I am working on it and got some done yesterday.  The sections on the right are hand stitched and the ones on the left are waiting to  be sewed.


When I get done with this bunch then the whole things goes back down on the floor and I lay it all out – put these newest sections on the floor to make sure they will go where I want them and then I add more some will be the same color as these and some will be the next color of red.  I have 2 more red colors then I have about 3 reds that have a bit of pink in them which will lead to the colors turning to pink.

Every year my exercise schedule gets turned around a bit in January and February.  The fitness center that I have membership in sees a big increase in members starting January 2nd – all those New Year’s resolution people – the place is so crowded in the mornings for about 6 to 8 weeks it is pitiful – not a machine to be had!  Then all of sudden the place starts to get back to normal and it isn’t so crowded.  I can’t stand it like that – for the next several months I will exercise in the afternoon when the place isn’t so busy and sew in the morning and the evening.  Afternoon will be exercise and errands.

If I could walk here near home I would , but I live in the country and not all country roads are the same as they used to be.  I have no shoulder of the road to walk on, lumber trucks and others speed by not leaving much room for people, stray dogs all over the place – why can’t people keep their pets home!!  Oh I know some of these dogs don’t have a home – but there are some that have collars on them.  People take care of you pets!!

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  • Deb Jan 3, 2012

    I know what you mean about the gym, everyone has set their new years resolution. So for the next few weeks it will be nuts. We (hubby and I) go every morning, early. I like to get it over with early in the day. I Love, love, love,love your Joseph’s quilt. It is beautiful.
    Deb recently posted…Yellow and Blue Quilt, Bricks and BlocksMy Profile

  • Joni in La. Jan 3, 2012

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t realize that you were hand stitching those. Now I’m even more impressed.

    Know what you mean about the gym. Happens every year!
    Joni in La. recently posted…Design Wall Monday – January 2, 2011My Profile

  • Astrid Jan 3, 2012

    I don’t go to any gym here, but I know exactly what you are talking about! 🙁 No fun at all when it is so crowded. Had that ‘problem’ when I went to the gym in Norway.
    Karen, do you find it easier to hand stitch curves compared to piecing them on the sewing machine? I have the NY Beauty blocks I started on and I’m not sure if I should continue machine piecing or hand stitch the curves….
    Astrid recently posted…WIP’s and UFO’s per Dec 31, 2011My Profile

  • Elzaan Jan 4, 2012

    I don’t go to a gym, but I can relate to the roads you describe. Very similar here, and I rather not walk if I can. Still, it is lovely to be on the road and look at some scenery pass by!
    Elzaan recently posted…Voorspoedige Nuwe Jaar!My Profile

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