Friday, February 3, 2012

Quilt Group

by Karen on February 3, 2012

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First before I get side tracked several have asked why the name “I’m So Dizzy” for the black/red/white quilt – if you look at yesterdays entry with the photos of the blocks if you really look at some of those blocks don’t they make you dizzy?  Maybe an optical illusion or something – but I am one of those people who get dizzy on rides that go in circles but yet can read when I exercise (treadmill) read in the car ect and not get sick.  Motion sickness – anyhow – look at the blocks with the white and black prints – those are the ones that make me dizzy – hence the name Smile

Quilt group last night – first Thursday night of the month – the very prolific quilting group – here is the show and tell – I give up on names for most, I just can’t keep track although I will try to do better.

Natalie’s quilt – this one is being added to each month, the group selects two names of borders and then the participants add the borders until they have as many on as they want.


Dee’s quilt




CJ’s experiment with various stitches and things from her machine.  It will be turned into a tote bag she says.


CJ’s baby quilt – CJ has a blog at this link.  She also does long arm machine quilting for clients. Info at her blog.


I think this one is another one that is growing by the month and I think it is Lori’s.


Another of CJ’s


Another one that is growing and I don’t remember who did this one.


Renee’s quilt growing by the month also.


I can’t for the life of me remember who made this large top – wonderful use of scraps.


Another by Renee, she is in the process of binding it right now.


Hey I did good this month, there are only a couple that I don’t know who did them and that is probably because I am horrible with names and I am still trying to remember who a lot of these ladies are!  We had a fun evening and a showing of quilters tonight, must have had close to 15 people there at least – big group for us.

Tomorrow is my smaller quilting group – there will only be about 4 of us as one works every other Friday and can’t always make it and another is out of town.