Sunday, February 5, 2012

“I’m So Dizzy”–Progress

by Karen on February 5, 2012

in quilts

Progress report: “I’m So Dizzy” is down to one row left to make.  Layout to still be determined.  Right now on the portable design wall:


A little bit well need to be changed out still.  The bottom row looks too dark in the middle, I think I need to exchange the block that is outlined in red to something else also on the top right hand side 3 fairly dark blocks in a row.  Little things here and there.  I have six block left to sew.  I am playing with an idea in my head that CJ placed there – have the outside rows on point – if I do that though I will either need to cut those blocks down a little bit or add sashing in between the rows as putting them on point will make them bigger than the blocks in the rows if you know what I mean.  When she saw the design wall the other day when I had run out of room I was tacking the blocks on point on the sides to put them up and off the cutting table.  She mentioned it and I like the idea, but if I do that the blocks are too big – hence the idea for sashing.  When I get done with all the blocks I will rearrange the blocks and see how I like the idea and decide from there.

Headache is finally about gone – just about came back good when I was sewing and discovered that 2 of my 6 1/2 inch strips were cut to 6 inches and one 10 1/2 inch strip was 10 inches.  I didn’t have many strips left over and was I going to be able to fix this!!  I was lucky for most of the fix but one of the 6 1/2 inch strips had to have a 1/2 piece sewed onto the end, I just didn’t have anything long enough to replace it – I figure with so much print and color going on here it will not be noticeable.

Are you watching the super bowl tonight – having a party? We will probably put the game on – but we aren’t really all that into football unless the Arkansas Razorbacks are playing (and playing well) or the Green Bay Packers (and playing well) – we like the advertisements!!  Normally I can’t stand advertisements – but these are usually some of the best and more like mini-movies at times.


Joseph’s Coat

by Karen on February 5, 2012

in quilts

I woke up this morning with such a bad headache.  I am waiting for it to go away before I get started on anything.  In fact I am still sitting here in my robe and pj’s .  It feels slightly better than it did when I first got up maybe that is a sign that it will be gone shortly?

Last night I put on an old Kevin Costner movie “The Postman” from the late 1990’s and remembered why I don’t watch Kevin Costner movies – he might be good in a few movies now and then but his “acting” in this one sucked big time!  But I like to have something on for background noise while I am piecing and I wanted to get the piecing done on the row I was attaching and mission was accomplished, I got the row attached.  Now I will do the circles before I move on to another row.  It is easiest to applique the circles while they are on the end like this.  It was a hassle before bunching up all that fabric to work on the circles in the middle.  I think it is 18 or 19 circles to be made, some are already done but others to make.


I did measure across the bottom and right now it is 84 inches wide at the widest point.  I want it to be at least 100 inches so more to go!  I think I allowed for way too many yellows/orange colors and it will be tough to squeeze in all the colors I have left that I wanted to do.  On the opposite corner from the yellows will be the greens and blues – might not be able to put in as many as I want.  I will have to start watching that as I go and maybe cut down on the number of lavenders/purples that I was going to do – we will see!

If this headache clears up soon I am going to get my portable design wall up and move the “I’m so Dizzy” quilt blocks to it and also work on some more blocks.  I have 16 more blocks to construct.