Monday, February 6, 2012

Dizzy, More Figuring To Do

by Karen on February 6, 2012

in quilts

Progress with Dizzy – but with progress comes more figuring when you are not working with a set pattern Sad smile this is what I have so far.  The 4 x 5 rows of blocks are sewed together.  The other blocks are just sitting there hanging out until I figure out what to do with them Smile


The blocks that are sewed together right now are trimmed down to 10 1/4 inches as my piecing was not accurate as I thought and I had to trim them to get them even.  The blocks not sewed are not trimmed yet.  So right now the inside blocks measure about 39 x 49 inches.

I’m not sure if I am cutting the rest of these blocks down a little bit, leaving them this size and make borders to fit or what.  The next step is square some of these up with white (not black because I have very little of it in the stash but I do have a whole bolt of white)  in the corners and see what I have.  Some spacers might need to be put in there to make it work on the sides and that is where the indecision comes into play right now.   On point or just add the blocks to what I have and make it just plain rows of blocks straight – same as what is there now just larger of course.  Of course I could always applique all of these blocks down in some arrangement and use them all up at the size they are now!  Add a big white border and scatter :)

We will see, I am quitting now with it for the afternoon and will think about it this evening and maybe get back to it tomorrow.  I have the black circles done for Joseph’s Coat so I will be hand stitching the circles onto the quilt tonight while I give this one some thought.


Design Wall Monday

by Karen on February 6, 2012

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I think today I will get the circles all ready for the Joseph’s Coat quilt for the row I finished on the weekend.  I have some ready and others ready for the pressing part of it.  I think I needed about 18 and I have 20 here in this little pile ready to go.  All basted, ready to pull tight around my mylar circler and press.  As soon as I get all these circles applique in place I will start cutting out the next row.  The applique goes quickly with all the ends all ready tucked under.


I finished the last row of Dizzy last night, now today I will start to experiment with placement and see what the edges would look like if I put on the point.


This was a very easy quilt to piece.  What are you working on today – make sure to go over to Judy at Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is working on!